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Worldprofit Review After One Year of Membership Part 1: The Company

Worldprofit Home Business Experts Review

I have recently completed my first full year of membership as a Platinum Member of Worldprofit and I thought it would be a good idea to share a review of the company and my interactions with the founders Dr. Jeffrey Lant, Sandi Hunter and George Kosch. I joined Worldprofit on May 12, 2010 and I am amazed how quickly this first year has passed and how much I have learned from the advanced “Millionaire Bootcamp” and personal mentor-ship from Dr. Lant.

I am going to categorize my review focusing on three core areas for consideration in order to provide you with a comprehensive overview of the company and my personal experiences. I will conclude this series of post with a fourth where I will with my top five proven ways to make money with Worldprofit.

The Company:

Worldprofit was founded in August 1994 placing it among the earliest established companies online. I am impressed with the consistency is the operation of the company when it comes to the mechanics of delivering the resources, products and training to it’s members. In the year that I have been a member, the products and resources within the members area have grown by approximately 30% yet the monthly membership fee has remained unchanged.

The strength behind the system is the members area which allows the member to manage all aspects of your business, drive viral traffic, manage your prospect database, launch all of your marketing campaigns, access new products every month, and utilize a growing list of resources and automated tools. I am a member of several membership sites and in my experience there is no other system online that provides more value and a great variety of tools that actually work.

Worldprofit is not a business designed to sell a business opportunity and I like that. Many online opportunities are designed to pay commissions for reselling the opportunity and there is no real business or valuable product behind the company itself. By contrast the system is designed to derive income for the members from more than 30 specific income streams and the marketing system allows you to market any business online and of course the Worldprofit membership.

I became profitable on the third day of my membership and have remained profitable every month without exception. My monthly income payed directly to me from Worldprofit as referral commissions has exceeded my monthly membership fee. Beyond these direct commissions earned, I have also leveraged the automated tools and traffic sources to earn affiliate commissions, ClickBank commissions, and enrolled new members into my primary income businesses.

In Summary

Worldprofit has the automated tools and traffic systems you need to grow your home business. The focus is on automation and viral marketing to allow the members to gain maximum leverage when building their business. The list of resources and tools included in the membership is huge. Here is a partial list; domain hosting, website design, custom database development, video and webcasting, prospect management, HTML and text-based newsletters (listservers), website content management, article creation, dynamic lead generation, prospect leads, promo codes vault, advertising co-ops, online advertising, a live business center to close your sales and more.

Worldprofit maintains a 24/7  Live Business Center where they close their members sales. The live business center is unique among all online businesses and allows the members to simply drive traffic to the monitors on duty or to invite their prospects to attend a live daily webcast, which is conducted by Dr. Lant. Attendees of the webcast have their questions addressed and secure their enrollment.

The live business center has been a major reason for my success and I even spent 9 months serving the member community as a volunteer monitor, which is a great way to learn the business from the inside and gain the mentor-ship of Dr. Lant himself. In addition to my personal experience, many members who have joined my group have shared similar thoughts about the business center and site this as one of the reasons they joined in the first place.

To Visit the Live Business Center Go Here

Worldprofit offers a turnkey solution for anyone with a strong desire to create a successful home based business. Access is provided to over  10,000 digital products as well as Worldprofit’s line of web-based services that you can promote to earn commission.   The Silver and Platinum Memberships come with all the tools and services you need to profit online and enable you to sell both Worldprofit’s memberships and any other products or services you want.

You can use your own domain name for your website or select one of Worldprofit’s pre-registered domain names, which will become yours.   Then Sandi Hunter who heads the design team will develop your website, which contains everything you need to work from home, backed by a legitimate, reputable company that has helped people around the world build their own online businesses for more than 16 years.

To Claim A Free Membership Go Here

Worldprofit provides expert bootcamp training and exceptional customer support. Worldprofit specializes in providing both live and recorded training accessible 24/7 in the members area. They understand that you may not be an online expert or you may in fact have no experience at all in building a business and profiting online. That’s why George Kosch provides the most detailed training program online along with prompt and efficient technical and customer support. In a safe environment, you will be trained by online experts who have one objective in mind: making sure you understand what you need to do to profit online daily and teaching you skills that can be used to promote literally anything you desire online. These are lifelong marketing skills that become your expanded skill-set!

To Watch Bootcamp Videos Go Here

Worldprofit, Inc. is a longtime accredited member of the Edmonton Better Business Bureau. There are a variety of challenges for any online business when it comes to reputation management and responding to negative feedback – far more than for traditional offline businesses. It is too easy for someone with an ax to grind to place unsubstantiated claims on the Internet and have them accepted as truth. For this reason, it was important for me to get the facts from credible third parties. When I learned that Wordprofit has been a fully accredited member of the BBB I was impressed as this seemed a remarkable accomplishment for an online business in the make money niche. The make money niche tends to attract people desperate to make money fast and blame systems and companies if they don’t even faster.

To View BBB Accredited Business Go Here

My experience with this company has been tremendous as it has met my initial income objective of profitability within the system (meaning my commissions exceed my expenses every month) and allowed me to leverage additional income streams while building my primary business through the use of their automated tools and resources. If you are looking for a proven system and the training required to build a sustainable business, I would recommend signing up as a free associate today and evaluate the business from the inside.

In a couple of days I will post my second installment of my one year anniversary review. In the next post I will focus on the founders of Worldprofit and share a few things that might surprise you. I would love to read your comments, so please take a few moment to scroll down to the bottom of this post and submit your comments.

I am here to help you succeed and will always share only what I have proven works for me and what I know will duplicate for you. I focus on systems because systems duplicate regardless of who is pushing the buttons, which means if you follow the training and so the work you will achieve similar results.

Have a blessed day!

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P.S. If you want to see Worldprofit’s physical offices go here:

Google Street View of Worldprofit

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  • Sharon Johnson-Smith

    James, I enjoyed reading your review of Worldprofit. You were, as usual, clear and precise in giving us your perceptions and experiences. I was interested in finding out what you had to say about Worldprofit because I have been familiar with Dr. Lant from his earlier email-messaging days of 1995 (when I first hooked up to the Internet). I had visited the Worldprofit live business center online a few times, but was hesitate about getting involved. I will continue to read the rest of the reviews of your Worldprofit experiences and will perhaps give it another look. Thank you for sharing this information.