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Matthew McConaughey’s Oscar Acceptance Speech Was A Gem… Here Is Why

Last night Matthew McConaughey was awarded the Oscar for Best Actor by the Academy of Arts and Sciences for his performance in Dallas Buyers Club and proceeded as all winners do… he gave an acceptance speech. I felt in the moment and even more so today that McConaughey’s speech was remarkable for one primary reason; the speech offered valuable life lessons that anyone with an open mind can benefit from delivered in an authentic way.

Here is a video of Matthew McConaughey’s complete acceptance speech so that you can here his words in there entirety in order to draw your own conclusions.

Marketing Lab Review: Helping You Solve Your Biggest Problem

Creating a new income generating sales funnel is not hard but it does require that you follow a formula that actually works. Today I want to share a brilliant new membership site called Marketing Lab and I believe this site can provide you with expert training and actual case studies detailing how digital entrepreneurs are making money online and building truly sustainable businesses.

One of the most common reasons why people fail to make significant income online is the result of not investing enough time leaning how to drive traffic, build a subscriber list, and convert qualified prospects into buyers. The content inside of Marketing Lab solves this problem.

Thomas Perkins Sparked a Fire Storm Worthy of Conversation Not Rebuke

Thomas Perkins penned a short letter to the Wall Street Journal which sparked a fire storm among both the larger public and major thought leaders from liberals to conservatives alike from socioeconomic perspectives.

I certainly agree with the view that Mr. Perkins comments drawing a comparison to the the Nazi regime in Kristallnacht to the present day attempt to marginalize the wealthy in the United States. Drawing some parallels as Perkins described between Germany’s 1% the Jews and now America’s 1% the rich.

Although I feel drawing such a parallel is misguided and regrettable, I think this subject is worthy of a broader conversation. Why? Because the basic premise that if you work hard and create value in free markets, you can earn the right to create wealth and live well in America. For me this is a non-negotiable tenet of our founding fathers.

Being an entrepreneur and a coach to entrepreneurs I clearly believe in the power of free markets and associated rewards. Being a conscious entrepreneur instills in me the compassion required to see the issues with an understanding of both perspectives.

Are You Single? Improve Your Dating Success By Knowing Your Emotional Fingerprint

I know what you are thinking… what does dating and your emotional state of being have to do with Internet entrepreneurship, online marketing, or anything else discussed on my blog? The answer is A LOT!

I recently met an enlightened entrepreneur named Woody Woodward who is doing amazing work and helping people breakthrough to extremely high levels of success in their businesses and personal lives through the identification and understanding of their Emotional Fingerprint™. Everyone of us has a unique fingerprint that once known will lead us to a greater understanding of ourselves.

Are-You-Single-1Have you ever wondered why you like certain people and yet others drive you crazy? Or why you fall in love with one person and feel no
connection with someone else? Why does a specific friend become a best friend over others? Why do you get along with some coworkers and with others there is conflict? All of these relationship examples are a result of your Emotional Fingerprint.

Wouldn’t it be valuable to learn how specific traits that create your Emotional Fingerprint have a direct impact on your love life, friendships, family members, business associates, your ability to be happy, and so much more?
The failures and successes in our relationships are determined by how
we validate our Emotional Fingerprint. (To read the complete article and view a video testimnial from Jack Canfield, Author of Chicken Soup for the Soul… click the link in the title above)

How Can You Achieve Your Dreams? Here is a Winning Formula for You

At the end of your life journey determine to exit the game having left all you have on the field. Living with a commitment to your dreams is an affirmation acknowledging that you are worthy your dreams. Win the day!

I am amazed by the diversity of talent that people possess and the variety of ways those talents are expressed . I love sports because of the ease at which you can see who had a vision and completed the daily work required to achieve them and who prepared to win, not surprisingly… it is not always the most talented. The winners often are those with the biggest heart and strongest mindset.
How do you win the game of life?

It all starts with you making a decision to identify what you want and what you are willing to do to get it. The success journey starts with a thought, what do you want? Once you have clearly identified what you want you must become nonnegotiable about your desired outcome. (To read the complete blog article and watch the video click the title link above)

James Holmes on The Tom Chenault Show Home Business Radio

Last Sunday I had the pleasure of being a guest host with my friend Tom Chenault of the Tom Chenault Show. It wasn’t my first time on the show and I am glad to say it won’t be my last either. Tom and I are working together to help people achieve their goals working from home by providing them with direct mentor-ship… maybe this would be right for you.

I wanted to provide you with the recording from last weeks show and provide you with the details for this Sunday also. Regardless if you are already building a home based business or just doing research in an effort to learn how to make a full-time income from home, the radio show will provide you with a ton of actionable content and inspiration to move forward in pursuit of your dreams. (To Read the Complete Post and Listen to the recordings of the show, click on the title link above)

Brad Webb and State of the Art Mailer at the Traffic Exchange Summit

We began the second week of the 2012 Traffic Exchange Summit, which is live online web-conference series that will feature 20 advertising exchange site owners over a ten day period of time. My guest was Brad Webb co-owner of State of the Art Sites including State of the Art Mailer, Buckets of Banners, and My List Frog.

In this session Brad and I explored a variety of issues that impact membership site owners in the advertising exchange industry. When this interview ended I knew we had achieved something that would bring value to anyone interested in created a successful online business. Through the telling of Brad’s story and exploring ideas we uncovered golden nuggets which are immediately actionable. (To read the complete article and watch this powerful video simply click on the title link above)

Robert (Bob) Johnson Founder of BET on Financial Literacy

I had the honor meeting Robert L. Johnson the founder of the BET Network back in 1997 at his private home and horse farm known as Salamander Farms. My impression of Mr. Johnson exceeded my expectations and I have been an admirer every since that encounter.

I just finished watching an interview conducted by Linda Johnson Rice, President and CEO of Johnson Publishing Company, Inc. The interview was conducted as part of the 18th Annual Financial Seminar in Chicago. The interview was rich with topics and covered some very critical points related to financial literacy and wealth preservation. (To read the full story and watch the video click on the title link above)

The Online Ad Network Review and Recommendation

The Online Ad Network (TOAN) is an advertising platform owned by Brian Rooney who is also the co-founder of the the popular TrafficWave auto-responder. The Online Ad Network uses a worldwide network of websites to push the banner and text ads of its members on an unlimited basis for a relatively small monthly subscription.

As you likely know, I am a huge proponent of viral marketing and I believe banner advertising has evolved to be among the most powerful forms within this media segment. I am excited about TOAN because it allows its members to leverage banner and text advertising on an unlimited basis without the need to earn credits by reading ads.
Why Do I Recommend The Online Ad Network?

There are two core reasons I recommend TOAN and why I feel you should take action and join today for $1 for a 15 day trial. First, you get unlimited banner and text ads meaning you can add banners and text ads for an unlimited number of programs and achieve tens of thousands of monthly impressions.

Second, you receive placement in our 3×10 matrix allowing you to earn money by referring others to TOAN while benefiting from *spillover from me and my upline… so you can benefit financially even if you are not a great recruiter.

*Spillover is not guaranteed
Understanding the Benefits of a Simple System (To read the complete post and watch a short intro video click on the title link)

Gary Vaynerchuk Provides Insights for Entrepreneurs

I came across this great video interview of Gary Vaynerchuk posted by Entrepreneur Magazine Online titled ‘An Entrepreneurs Life: Gary Vaynerchuk.’

I wanted to share the video with you because there are so many lessons here for anyone wants to know how to achieve a fulfilling life as an entrepreneur. The video offers insights that are actionable and help you to reset your mental outlook for succcess. I know you will enjoy it.
(Click on the title link to watch the video and listen to the podcast)