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Working with the Law of Thinking

Today, I start an 11 part series on effectively using the laws of prosperity to attract what you really want into your business and life. The resource that I am using (I am ONLY skimming the surface) is “The 11 Forgotten Laws” by Bob Proctor and Mary Morrissey there is a special program that I purchased providing a 66% discount on the price of the home delivered study program, the special is a digital downloaded version including a 12 CD (Mp3) set, a 168 page study guide titled “Working with the Law Workbook” and the e-book “Working with the Law” by Raymond Holliwell. In addition to another complete law of attraction course and other bonuses.

There are several key concepts explored here:

1. Thoughts are things (your thoughts become things)

2. Your present results are the outcome of your current and most dominent thoughts

3. What you focus on expands

4. They key to changing your thoughts (which become your results) is to focus on what you want

5. How to ask for what you want

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Working with the Law of Thinking

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The 11 Forgotten Laws Special

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