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What’s Working Now: Prosperity Marketing System Four Week Test Final Results

On January 22, 2010 I wrote a post which provided an overview and week one results for a test I have been running on the Prosperity Marketing System. You can read that post including my financial results after the first week here: Week One PMS Test

My objective was to prove that anyone who took action and followed the simple system I have established could successfully promote this self-funded proposal system to enroll new members into the primary program of their choice and monetize a percentage of their prospects even if they did not enroll in the business opportunity. The key is that I did not undertake any special measures in marketing the system, such as PPC, ezines, article writing, video marketing, or any other paid advertising other than on traffic exchanges.

To recap here is were the elements of the system I used during the test:

1.) Your Prosperity Marketing System:

2.) The Method I Used to Drive Traffic:

3.) The Primary Program I Promoted:

I wanted to conclude the test by sharing my final results after approximately four weeks as I wanted to conclude this phase of my promotion of this system test with the first months full commissions. I wanted to ensure that the commissions that I reported where actually paid in full and that there were no pending charge backs from cancellations.

Here are the final numbers:

Total Test Period Gross Income $588.37

Income Breakdown

1.) Student Tuition Upgrades (one-time) $194.40
2.) Owner Upgrade Commissions (monthly) $  39.94
3.) Enrollments and Residuals into GVO $354.03

System Costs

1.) System Student Tuition (one-time fee) $27.00
2.) System Owner Upgrade (monthly) $19.97
3.) GVO Monthly Service $44.95

Total Cost for the month = $91.92

Net Profit for the Month = $496.45

My test with very limited marketing effort produced a meaningful profit and helped to place me #14 on the leader board in GVO for the month of January.  In addition, I converted web surfers into team members or students in the training system adding them to my list. The logical extension of this test would likely yield similar results thereby doubling the income without any additional monthly expenses (the total from month two on will be $64.92) in the second month as the cost are fixed.

In order to remain complient with FTC reguations, the income figures that I am sharing here are my results based on the specific actions I took to promote this program. In should be clearly understood that your results may vary and be higher or lower based on your conversions rates and other factors.

I highly recommend the Prosperity Marketing System as a turnkey funded proposal that you can use to market any income program of your choice. My test results were better when promoting a low entry program in the fifty dollar range. These results are consistent with the philosophy I teach, which states that you should monitize your marketing funnel so that you promotions are self-funded.

My intention would be to re-invest the profits from this system each month in order to maximize the growth in both programs throughout the year using paid advertising methods with moderate cost. I consider this a best practice although you may decide to take your profits as income, which is perfectly fine.

Be sure to leave a comment and let me know if you have had success with a self-funded proposal system in your business.

I am here to help you succeed!

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