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Voice Broadcasting: The Perfect Tool to Help You Grow Your Business Quickly

Discover Voice Broadcasting

Discover Voice Broadcasting

There are a number of methods you can use to attract qualified prospects to your websites, blogs, and online offers, but few are more effective than voice broadcasting. I was first introduced to voice broadcasting  in early 2008 and I have never looked back. The platform that I use is iBuzz Pro Tools, which has been designed by marketers for marketers allowing me to maximize this system without adapting a more general platform which was very important to me.

So what is so great about voice broadcasting? Along with pay per click advertising, voice broadcasting is perhaps the the most cost effective way place your message in front of your target market and presort prospects and speak only with those that are pre-qualified for your business.

Here is how I use voice broadcasting to ensure that I have 20-30 pre-qualified prospects to move through my sales funnel every week with less than thirty minutes of work per week.

Step 1. I start with a QUALITY and targeted list of  known networkers list obtained from a credible sources. I have invested  allot of time identifying sources that offer leads that have not been oversold, are fresh and responsive.

Step 2 . I avoid broadcasting to “opportunity seekers” using this method, I want to attract serious business minded people looking for a business and system to allow them to build a solid business and meaningful income.

Step 3. When recording my out bound messages, I carefully choose my words and focus on solving what I know is the number one problem direct sales and network marketers face – lead poverty! Most people do not have enough people to talk to each day to have much hope of building a business that will generate the level of income that they hoped for when they started their business.

Step 4. I use an 800 number with extensions set up for the specific list I am broadcasting to and specifically addressing what I presume to be their biggest challenges. I will cover this in greater detail in a future post as it is the key to high conversions.

Step 5. I invite my prospects to obtain more information that is self directed, meaning a special web page or blog post, I also give the fast action takers the option of contacting me directly by leaving a voice message, which I immediately return.

There is an alternative which is to offer a prospect to be immediately transfered to my cell phone by simply pressing a button their phone, but with so many leads coming in during a campaign 90% of those take this option would receive my voice message with me tied up in a conversation with another prospect. I have found that the sizzle message and voice mail option works best.

Step 6. When I return the prospects call I am mindful that this interaction is not about me, it is about the challenges my prospect (remember, this is a known networker, meaning they already are in a business) is facing, an opportunity to build trust, and to determine if I can offer a solution. The initial conversation is alway about fact finding and adding value first and foremost.

Step 7. I seek to provide solutions for the prospect. There are many potential outcomes to this interaction one of which is that we may not be a fit of any kind, which is fine, a lead generated with this method cost me about thirty cents! So, if I’ve attracted a prospect, had a nice conversation, and offered some free advice everyone can walk away satisfied – this doesn’t happen to me very often.

There are three likely outcomes for the majority of prospects that make it to this stage in my marketing funnel.

1. My prospect recognizes the powerful method I used to attract them and they want this system for themselves, which is fine as a re-seller option is available when purchasing the  iBuzz Tools system. They may chose not to join my team, but they want my system to allow them to solve their lead poverty problem.

2.My propsect likes the business that I have marketed to the and they decide to join my team.

3. My prospect likes that business that I marketed to them and see that I have a system to ensure that they will have an endless stream of prospects and no more lead poverty. They decide to join my team, make the comparatively small investment to purchase the voice broadcasting system and put the entire system into action in their business – a total home run!

There have been a number of recent changes that have affected marketers that participate in pay per click campaigns for business opportunities, especially if replicated pages are being used in the ad campaign. It is becoming more difficult to conduct cost effective campaigns that result in a first or second page rank. I have found that voice broadcast offers the perfect alternative for those looking to leverage the internet to attract targeted prospects for less than a dollar per lead.

If you would like to take a self guided tour of the system that I use and recommend follow this link: Discover Voice Broadcasting

As stated in this post, I an actual user of this system as well as a reseller. I do offer one on one coaching to help my clients set up their campaigns and develop their message scripts. In addition, I offer a lead buying pool option that dramatically lowers the cost of quality lead list and occasionally run shared  campaigns, which can result in higher conversions for new users of the system.

If you have not previously explored voice broadcasting as an option, I would highly recommend that you do and approach the topic with a mind toward creativity. The only limits to the ways in which you can make voice broadcasting work lie within your own ideas.

Follow the link provided and make the discovery for your self, then come back to this post and offer your feedback by commenting here. If you found this post helpful, please be sure to bookmark it so that others can benefit as well.

I wish for you every blessing on your success journey!


(c) Copyright 2008-2009 James A. Holmes. All Rights Reserved.

James Holmes, Global Team Builder, Coach and Trainer, combining online and offline techniques to help you grow your business. To request a free 30 minute consultation contact James by phone at 303-523-9503 or email at


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  • R. Binkly

    FTC has changed the voice broadcasting laws as of September 2009. You will need written permission from the recipient before sending a voice broadcast message. The only thing I’ve found that can still deliver pre-recorded messages to voice mail legally, is a service called voicemail courier which makes it possible to comply with the laws.

  • JamesHolmes

    R. Binkly – Thank you for reading my blog post and commenting. I am aware of the FTC guidelines as mentioned and you are correct with one important exception – voice broadcast calls that are business to business, which includes “home business owners” who have published their “residential phone number” as their business phone number. These numbers can be sent voice broadcast as business to business calls with no problems, they are not at issue.

    The new FTC guidelines are designed to protect the general public from unwanted business to consumer solicitations. The FTC have been very active in areas that impact Internet Marketers and you are correct to point out that we need to ensure to remain compliant with all of the guidelines.

  • David Wood


    Hey great blog, by the way. Had a quick question for you…

    …With the new FTC guidelines effective september 1st this year, can we still buy leads lists and send them voice broadcasts as long as they are opt in leads? I’ve never tried that before, was going to play with it, and then I came across that new FTC ruling and haven’t been able to make heads or tails out of it. Thanks,

    .-= David Wood´s last blog ..Brian Fanale AND David Wood LIVE =-.

  • JamesHolmes

    David – Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting. The purpose for the new rules is to eliminate unsolicited business to consumer voice broadcast. The answer is that you can still send voice broadcast and I would offer a couple of guidelines., if you purchase genealogy list from a reputable list broker you will be dealing with known networkers who have used the phone numbers provided as ‘business’ numbers (even if they are their residential numbers) online and therefore a eligible for a call. One note – you should always filter your numbers through the ‘Do Not Call List’ to be safe. The second option are residential numbers that have been provided by a verifiable opt in. I hope this brings clarity to what is a confusing topic.

    I appreciate your association and wish for you continued success!


  • Jeff Hoffman

    James – Great post! I agree, voice broadcasting is an incredible way to grow your business.

    David – No, you cannot broadcast to opt-in leads. Those days are over.

    If you have proof that (within the last 30 days) the number you’re calling was published in a business context, you are safe to broadcast them. This applies to each and every number you’re broadcasting, so be careful… one bad apple is all it takes.

    When building your own lists, if you want to voice broadcast them the rules are pretty stringent… you need consent and either a written or electronic signature… neither of which are covered by a simple opt-in.

    There are voice broadcasting systems on the market, now, that circumvent the new rules entirely by having the call initiated by a live agent, who asks, “I have a recorded message for you. Would you like to hear it?”

    You can broadcast ANY list in that manner. Pretty slick.
    .-= Jeff Hoffman´s last blog ..How Do Winners Win? =-.