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The Ultimate Price of Cyber Bullying: The Short Life and Tragic Death of Tyler Clementi (Free eBook)

The death of Tyler Clementi serves as a clarion call to all lovers of a free Internet.

The case of Tyler Clementi, a freshman at Rutgers University who recently took his own life as a result of a ruthless prank perpetrated on the Internet by his roommate has captured the nation and cause many for the first time to deeply access the impact of words spoken with malice and intent to inflict harm on another person or entity. Tyler Clementi was in fact a victim of “cyber-bullying” and this practice can have a dramatic impact on people, brands, and companies and regardless if the hostel attacks are make at individuals or companies, they are wreck-less and we should all do our part to thwart the intentions of those casting the stones.

As someone who loves the Internet and the freedom that exist to express ideas, share experiences, conduct commerce, and provide value for others; I believe firmly that as with all freedoms comes tremendous responsibility. We must take a stand against cyber-bullying because it threatens every freedom presently enjoyed online and brings harm to innocent people around the world.

The story of Tyler Clemente has impacted me in a variety of ways as a symbol and clarion call to speak out and to encourage that others learn from this tragedy and do the same.  Dr. Jeffrey Lant is a mentor and friend and has in many ways lead in the effort to use this innocent as a teaching moment so that Tyler’s death would not be in vain. This has happened in many powerful ways.

I have edited into this book Dr. Lant’s articles on the subject of Tyler Clementi’s death as well as background information sourced from Wikipedia. Also note that in the section titled “Who is Tyler Clementi (Background)” I have provided access to a special podcast interview with Dr. Lant on this important topic.

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Dr. Lant is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Worldprofit, which is a online business community founded in 2004. Worldprofit prides itself on being a place where the average person who has a strong desire to build an online business can thrive. It is a community of people dedicated to helping one another and a place of great achievements. It seems fitting that such a community would rise up and become a voice against cyber bullying in the wake of Tyler Clementi’s senseless death.

Have a blessed weekend!

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P.S. Here is a recorded Podcast Interview featuring Dr. Jeffrey Lant on this topic:

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  • Nancy Radlinger

    WOW it’s sure a shame that things like this have to happen and so sad that people can be so hurtful.  I remember growing up and only having to deal with the kids while in school but now with modern techie world – it can go on 24/7 and hard to have a break from it.  Thanks for sharing and making people aware of some negatives out there.

    Skype: nancyradlinger