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The Online Ad Network Review and Recommendation


The Online Ad Network Review

The Online Ad Network (TOAN) is an advertising platform  owned by Brian Rooney who is also the co-founder of the the popular TrafficWave auto-responder. The Online Ad Network uses a worldwide network of websites to push the banner and text ads of its members on an unlimited basis for a relatively small monthly subscription.

As you likely know, I am a huge proponent of viral marketing and I believe banner advertising has evolved to be among the most powerful forms within this media segment. I am excited about TOAN because it allows its members to leverage banner and text advertising on an unlimited basis without the need to earn credits by reading ads.

Why Do I Recommend The Online Ad Network?

There are two core reasons I recommend TOAN and why I feel you should take action and join today for $1 for a 15 day trial. First, you get unlimited banner and text ads meaning you can add banners and text ads for an unlimited number of programs and achieve tens of thousands of monthly impressions.

Second, you receive placement in our 3×10 matrix allowing you to earn money by referring others to TOAN while benefiting from *spillover from me and my upline… so you can benefit financially even if you are not a great recruiter.

*Spillover is not guaranteed

Understanding the Benefits of a Simple System

The Products: Unlimited Banner and Text Ads worldwide distribution

  • Complete admin panel to easily manage your ads, downline, and commissions
  • Unlimited 125×125 and 468×60 banners
  • Unlimited text ads
  • Geo Targeted and Niche Specific network distribution
  • Complete click tracking integrated into the admin panel to measure clicks and conversions

The Compensation Plan: Lucrative 3×10 Matrix

  • Instant placement into our 3×10 Matrix
  • Invite 3 active members and your monthly subscription is cover… you are in profit!
  • Eligibility for our Cash Bonus Plan
  • Commissions paid daily for balances owed of $20 or more via Pay Pal

Short Video Featuring Brian Rooney Provides an Overview


 Final Thoughts and Action Steps

Regardless if you are marketing Empower Network, Motor Club of America, Melaleuca, Vicalis, Solavei, or any other income program you simply need to drive massive traffic from target visitors who are qualified to buy your offer. As the top money earners in your program who market online for their secret and they will tell you it is traffic.

The Online Ad Network provides you with a cost effective way to get unlimited traffic through banner ads and text ads redirected to your squeeze pages and website. The network converts at higher rates than many of the other ad networks I use and the program expands daily.

I recommend that you take advantage of the TOAN 15 day trial for just $1 dollar and immediately add an unlimited number of banners and text ads. Once your ads are setup share this program with 3 of your marketing friends and you will quickly be in profit.

Once you have joined go to my team website and engage in the private training where I hold nothing back and show you exactly how I am leveraging TOAN to gain massive traffic and an additional stream of income. I will work with you personally to help you get started quickly.

I am here to help you succeed and invite you to post a comment below and let me know how I can help you grow your business.

Have a blessed day!

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  • Beth Evans

    Thank you James – this sounds like a great new opportunity for us to get our banners out there in front of more potential clients. :)

    Eliza(Beth) Evans :)

  • JamesHolmesOnline

    Hello Elizabeth – Thank you for reading my review and posting your
    comment. You are right TOAN offers its members unlimited banner ads and
    text ads for any and all opportunities you are promoting. I appreciate you taking time to comment and the value you are bringing online.

    Have a blessed day!


  • Tom

    Thx james for not replying my emails…

  • Tom

    And still…
    Basically, he has an unused site on the net with working paypal button that should be removed. I purchased his product and haven’t received it. Turned out all the rest of the download buttons are leading to blank sites. I contacted him in 2 different email addresses many times. He seems like a rich, honest and successful marketer but in fact he is just an ignorant liar. I just wanted to invest my hard earned money into something beneficial but I paid for nothing. That money means a lot for me and he could have just paid it back with no question easily. Thank you very much and be happy with that.