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The Best Online Business Model for You?

What is the Best Online Business Model for You?

I am often asked what is the best model to use when starting a business online and the simple answer is the one that works for you. Sounds logical but the best answer requires a bit more explanation along with a few examples of the core types of businesses you should consider.

Here are five core business models for you to explore:

1.) Business Opportunities (Biz Opps)

  • Direct Sales including top tier programs
  • Network Marketing and Multi-Level Marketing
  • Matrix Programs (Not money games, but programs with legitimate products that add value)
  • Cash Gifting (I have never been convinced to try this model, but others who have done well here)

2.) Affiliate Marketing (My Personal Favorite)

  • Big Ticket Programs
  • Program Launches
  • Continuity Programs
  • Evergreen Products and Services

3.) Information Marketing

  • Clickbank
  • Private Label Rights (PLR) and Master Re-Sell Rights (MRR)
  • Create Viral PDF Reports
  • Market Across Multiple Niches
  • Audio and Video Products

4.) Membership Sites

Product Sites

Service Oriented Sites (Traffic, Advertising, Design, SEO and more)

Continuity Programs (Training and Resources)

Social Communities

5.) Auctions Online Sales

Ebay Power Seller


I recorded a new podcast episode that addresses each of the core models along with additional insight and advice. Here is my show player… click the start button and be sure to take notes.

 How to Select the Best Business Model for You

Assuming that you are clear on your objectives and the motivation behind your desire to start your business you should be able to build your business around one of these core models. As your experience grows you may venture into more than model as I have done… this is my advice as long as you maintain discipline in running your businesses.

Please feel free to post your comments below. I am here to help you succeed, so feel free to connect with me and let me know how I can help you achieve your goals.

Have a blessed day!

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  • Rosyel Sawali

    Thank you for this article James. I find it truly helpful and informative. This will help me determine the business model that suits my needs.