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The Association of Network Marketing Professionals: News and Interviews

The Association of Network Marketing Professionals (the ANMP) is a membership association in support of distributors in the network marketing profession. Today Peter Mingils (outgoing ANMP President), and ANMP President Garrett McGrath, Rod Cook (MLM Watch Dog), Marcie Cook, Sandi Cohen, among others joined Tom Chenault on the #1 network marketing radio show today to discuss what is new with the association.

The importance of the ANMP cannot be overstated given the current state of the economy and our industry. There is a real need for a safe and supportive association which operates in an environment that is generic from any specific company… the ANMP supports the distributors in our profession.

The ANMP was founded in 2004 and formerly known as the Distributor Rights Association or DRA. Co-founded by  Rod and Marcie Cook, who brought together a group of dynamic and dedicated professionals to benefit network marketing distributors.  I love the objective of the association, focused on establishing standards for the protection of all groups within the Network Marketing community, and educating companies and distributors of their responsibilities and rights.

The ANMP has worked to help prevent harmful legislation on supplements and proposed business opportunity rules by the FTC; has drafted publications on standards; and has continually provided education and resources for network marketing professionals for distributors, company executives and industry vendors.

I wanted to share the recording from the Tom Chenault Radio Show Here:

The Tom Chenault Show Hour 1

The Tom Chenault Show Hour 2

Final Thoughts

I want to encourage you to consider joining the ANMP it’s only $50 for an annual membership. Why? If you are serious about being a network marketing professional you must do three things; educate yourself continually, align yourself with like-minded professionals, advocate for the profession.

Join the ANMP here:

Join us in Dallas March 1, 2, 3, 2013 for the Association of Network Marketing Professionals 2013 International Convention. Put action behind your words and lock arms with a large group including many of the top leaders and income earners in our profession. The cost of the conference is only $99 and includes all meals at the event.

Here is a partial list of speakers:

• Keith Halls

• Vince Poscente

• Dr. Josephine Gross, Ph. D.

• Todd Falcone

• Carlos Marin

• Sandy Botkin

• Dr. Charles King

• Scott Burnett, Esq

• Dr. Steve Taubma

To get all of the details and register for the event visit:

Please feel free to post a comment and share your thoughts. I am here to help you success and invite you to connect with me and let me know how I can make a difference in your life.

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