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New Program Launches Can Be Good… Worldprofit is 18 Years Old Which is Great!

Wrapped up another Friday Worldprofit Bootcamp with George Kosch with a great appreciation for being with Worldprofit since May 2010. As I write this article I have enjoyed real profits for 28 straight months. The company is 18 years old, so it has a proven track record of success. Everyone gets giddy about new launches which I have no problem with, but what I get giddy about is quality and the value of businesses that are built to last.

If you are a regular reader of my blog you know I am a HUGE fan of the multiple income streams model and I work to master the model every day. Yes, I want to master the art of creating endless unique income streams.

My advice is that you should focus on one primary business and created automated sales funnels that create multiple congruent income steams to support a diverse and sustainable business.

I joined Worldprofit because it serves as the perfect traffic and lead generation program to support my primary business. Worldprofit is a training, traffic, and lead generation platform designed to help you leverage up any viable business you are building.

I wanted to provide another sneak peek behind the curtain to see a small part of what is available to you when you join me and my mentor-ship program in Worldprofit. In this video George Kosch reveals the core components of our system which evolves with new benefits and features every month. (Click on the Title Link above to read the complete article and watch the video)

George Kosch Training and Recommendations for Advertising with Traffic Exchanges

The following video is from the June 01, 2012 live training session with George Kosch, Chief Technology Officer at Worldprofit, which are held every Friday for Silver and Platinum Members. On this day the topic was traffic exchanges which included an over the shoulder overview of two great exchanges… Tezak Traffic Power and S.W.A.T. Traffic Exchange. (To watch the video please click on the title link about to be redirected to my blog)

George Kosch in a Rare Interview about Worldprofit

On the Internet the technical wizards often are found behind the scenes creating the tools and resources that make truly successful programs thrive. This is the case at Worldprofit and for more than seventeen years the man behind the scenes has been George Kosch who is both a co-founder and technical director of the Alberta, Canada based company.

I became a member of Worldprofit in May of 2010 and prior to joining I completed extensive ‘due diligence’ on the company and found no interviews featuring Dr. Jeffrey Lant, George Kosch (I actually found one), or Sandi Hunter. What I discovered is that each have chosen to let their program speak for itself and avoid the typical promotional hype that prevails in the online business and make money niches. I have come to appreciate that.

It is rare to have access to an interview with George Kosch much less one that delves so deeply into the story behind Worldprofit’s founding and their mission to help people create success online. George has an engaging personal story, a knack for developing amazing automated tools, and a passion for marketing… all of which came through in the interview.

To listen to the fill interview follow one of the links that follow:

A Plan to Help Entrepreneurs in South Africa Make Money from Home with Worldprofit, Inc.

One of the main reasons I love working online is the tremendous the Internet provides to establish a global business and dramatically impact people from a variety of Countries and cultures. When I first joined Worldprofit, I could not have imagined that impact my decision would make on both my business and personal life.

I was recently introduced to a whole new market where my business is perfectly positioned to help thousands of people who have a sincere desire to make money from home with an Internet business. Worldprofit’s market is truly Global with successful members in nearly every English speaking Country around the world.

Worldprofit has a 16 year history of helping regular people achieve success online while working from home. What makes World makes Worldprofit unique is there Automation Tools, Millionaire Boot-camp Training, and 24/7 Live Monitor Network that speaks with the members prospects and closes there sales.

The Internet is expanding in South Africa, which is one of the most technologically-resourced countries on the African continent. The domain extension .za was granted to South Africa in 1990 by ICANN. This creates a tremendous opportunity for the people of South Africa and Worldprofit is in a perfect position to provide the mentor-ship resources and training needed to make the dreams of thousands a reality.

Worldprofit can help people in South Africa make money online because of their business model, which includes providing e-commerce tools, software, web-based training, elite education, marketing resources, traffic systems, web design, information products and the list continues to grow!

I have written a complete review of the opportunity in South Africa on my Worldprofit blog and I would encourage you to read it carefully as this same opportunity exist in greater measure for North American and European Markets.

Do you know people in South Africa?

Is Worldprofit Accredited by the Better Business Bureau?

I recently posted a couple of articles concerning my investigation and review of Worldprofit and Dr. Jeffrey Lant. I received several comments in reply and a few email messages as well. Most of the comments centered on two facts concerning Worldprofit; the first is that the company has been online since 1994 and secondly, that Worldprofit has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau for 10 years. The later point typically has included the phrase “Is Worldprofit really Accredited by the Better Business Bureau.”

I thought it would be helpful to provide a little more detail about Worldprofit’s status with the Better Business Bureau and provide you with a link to the Edmonton BBB so that you can see Worldprofit’s reliability report and the details concerning their rating.

When evaluating Worldprofit or any business opportunity, it is critical that you do not accept reviews at face value and that you seek out documented facts and fewer opinions. I advise this course of action for one simple reason, when it comes to the success of any Internet business the quality of the program as well as the commitment of the buyer (you) are vitally important. There are times when “the business” fails because of the buyer didn’t take appropriate actions, work hard enough, or give the program enough time to produce results. It may have nothing to do with the company.

If you read reviews that focus more on personalities and less on facts, beware… the reviewer likely has an axe to grind. If the review is written by someone who has never actually participated in the business or has not conducted enough research to present a balanced review, beware … the reviewer likely has an axe to grind.

Here are the key portions of the report taken from the Edmonton BBB website. I trust that this information will be helpful in your evaluation of Worldprofit.

Worldprofit Home Business Experts Overview

Worldprofit is a unique online community of home business experts and independent home business entrepreneurs working together to create real sustainable income working on the Internet from home. Worldprofit was founded in August 1995 and has been online since November 1995. Worldprofit has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau since 1999 and was founded by Dr. Jeffrey Lant, Sandi Hunter, and George Kosch.

James Holmes is an independent member of Worldprofit and a mentor to individuals interested in creating a successful home based business. This presentation was created by James to provide a review of Worldprofit and to highlight the benefits of Worldprofit’s Silver Business Package.