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Internet Business Blueprint - Internet Marketing, Viral List Building, Social Media Mastery

Podcast Episode #90: Jon Olson Discusses Web Traffic, Personal Branding and Making Pizza

On Thursday January 21, 2010 Traffic Exchange expert and author Jon Olson owner of ‘I Love Hits’ and “SWAT Traffic’ will join us to discuss traffic exchanges and how to utilize them to build a thriving Internet business. Jon’s sites are ranked among the leading manual traffic exchanges. Perhaps Jon is best known for his authorship of “The Pizza Plan,” a book that details how a former pizza store manager created a thriving internet business resulting in a full-time income and complete time and lifestyle freedom starting with a budget of $70 per month.

How to Make Traffic Exchanges Work as a List Building Tool with Special Guest Mark Eglon

Join me as we explore the often misunderstand subject of Traffic Exchanges and their use as a traffic generating and list building tool. Traffic Exchanges are perhaps the most misused tool available to Internet marketers and we are going to pull back the current with the help of the creator of a traffic exchange. Marc Eglon is based in Ireland and is the owner of “Jet Stream Traffic” and the “Silicon Shovel” blog. As an active member of Marc’s community, I have come to appreciate his approach to being innovative in a quest to make traffic exchanges work for his members.

This will be an eye opening podcast. The Internet Business Blueprint Podcast is a daily program designed to help anyone interested in Internet based entrepreneurship. Proving coaching, resources, and tools designed to help you establish and grow a thriving internet based business. Guest and topics will focus on topics relevant to internet marketers, network marketers, direct sellers and affiliate marketing professionals.