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Traffic Exchange Marathon Two Save the Date!

Please save the date for the Second Annual Traffic Exchange Marathon Podcast Series begining Monday September 26th and concluding on Friday October 7th – featuring two episodes each weekday. I am changing the format slightly this year as we will feature interviews with traffic exchange owners, safelist owners, and a few surfers. We will cover the full spectrum of topics impacting the traffic exchange industry including owners issues, social surfing, advertising best practices, scripts, technology, and more.

In 2010 we featured 10 owners over a 5 day period of time with 2 bonus interviews. This year we will feature 14 traffic exchange owners, 4 service related program owners, and 2 surfers. I will be sending out the guest invitations this week and I will announce the speakers / presenters as I confirm our guest. This will be the greatest collection of ad exchange industry leaders ever gathered for a live online event.

If you missed 2010 go here to see the line up and access the recordings:

The Traffic Exchange Marathon 2010

I also wanted to share that the noble idea and mission of the “Traffic Exchange Summit” is alive and well… this event will be a program initiative of the summit agenda and plan. In order to properly brand and position the relationship between the summit and the podcast series, the event will be re-branded to: Traffic Exchange Summit 2011

This will be a powerful event featuring live interview style presentations featuring 20 interesting leaders, their stories, tips, and best practices. You will not want to miss this 20 hour live event and be sure to claim the daily attendees prizes and special promotions from the participating programs.

How to Get Involved?

How to Get Involved? (Click on the link in the title to read the full story)

Free Live Weekly Training on How to Use Ad Exchanges

Website Magazine was partially responsible for inspiring a new movement in the traffic exchange industry after their publication on the topic of “Online Advertising Exchanges” in their February 2011 issue of the magazine. In a story written by Peter Prestipino titled “Advertsing Exchanges – The New Digital Ad Marketplace,” Mr. Prestipino explores the upper end advertising exchange model and you do not have to streach too far to see the connection between these platforms and traffic exchanges.

The fact that the premiere US website developers publication could dedicate an entire issue to ad exchanges without mention of traffic exchanges was troubling to more than one exchange owner and this in part inspired the formation of the Traffic Exchange Summit. To read more about the summit please refer to my recent blog post on this topic.

Blog and Audio Interview: What is the Traffic Exchange Summit?

The Traffic Exchange Summit has adopted a mission to educate the broader online advertising and Internet Marketing community about exchanges and the role they play in delivering targeted traffic and measurable conversions for advertisers. The benefits for the marketers who use exchanges to promote their websites and business opportunities also have found them to be extremely cost effective.

It is time to evolve the mission to the next level in terms of outreach and education. I will host the first in a weekly series of live web-conferences deigned to provide instruction on utilizing ad exchanges to build your brand, grow your subscriber list, track and measure your campaigns, and convert impressions into sales.

What is the Traffic Exchange Summit?

Have you heard of the Traffic Exchange Summit? If you haven’t and assuming you are somehow connected to the traffic exchange industry as an owner, advertiser, or surfer – you soon will. The summit was born out of a desire among a large group of traffic exchange enthusiast to find ways to improve our industry and move traffic exchanges into a position of broader acceptance across the entire Internet marking and online advertising niches.

I wanted to provide you with a complete introduction and invite you to join in this effort. These is a role for anyone who uses traffic exchanges and overtime, I believe that this movement will produce real results for everyone involved and support the industry as a whole.

Here is an interview that was conducted by William Brant for Affiliate Funnel, I was asked to participate as a guest for a recent Affiliate Funnel Training webcast and we focused exclusively on the Traffic Exchange Summit and the funny and random way in which it was started.