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How to Prove Guru ClickBank Income in 3 Easy Steps!

I don’t know about you but I have been getting tons of emails latelty pitching software designed to make what seems like unreal amounts of money selling ClickBank products on auto-pilot. When I say unreal I mean $100,000 in 3 days non-sense … some more and some less.

Everyone of the sales pages for these products are accompanied with screen shots offered as “proof” that the seller of this product has made this unreal amount of money and you can too … well maybe not.

Here is a great little video by my friend Tim Linden, owner of StartXchange, which comopletely pulls back the curtain and let’s you see for yourself how these self-styled gurus produce “proof” of such amazing results and like I said, you can too!

Traffic Exchange Owners Live on the Internet Business Blueprint Podcast

Have you ever wanted to get behind the curtain meet the men and women who own and operate the most popular traffic exchanges on the Internet. For the first time ever many of the leading owners are gathering for series of podcast interviews where you will hear their personal stories, learn about their exchanges and benefit from their advice on how to maximize your use of traffic exchanges.

In total there will be 10 interviews conducted over 5 days for a total of 10 hours of amazing content and actionable advice to help you launch your traffic and list building strategy.

Go Here to sign up for a free virtual ticket and daily gifts from members of the TE Community:

Here is the line up!

My First Appearance on “TE Live” with Jon Olson and Tim Linden

I have developed some really great friendships among my Internet Marketing peers, some I have met in person and an even larger number I have gotten to know through telephone conversations, Skype chats, email exchanges and live streams. All of these relationships have added value to my business and my life and every now and then they produce some pretty cool experiences – just like friendships in the offline world.

Last Wednesday was one such occasion as I had a chance to jump onto “TE Live” hosted by Jon Olson and Tim Linden – the show airs weekdays on UStream TV.

Tim Linden’s Blog: Fresh New Design and 10,000 Subscribers

Tim Linden the owner of StartXchange and Traffic Exchange List has allot to smile about as he has revealed a fresh new re-design and approaches 10,000 subscribers to his niche leading blog. I am always drawn to quality content coupled with great design and Tim’s blog delivers both. The focus of the blog is traffic exchanges and regardless if you are a novice marketer or established guru, you will find relevant content on Tim’s blog and comments from many leaders in the traffic exchange industry.

When I read that Tim was on the verge of reaching subscriber number 10,000 I decided to share his blog with you and recommend that you stop by and pay Tim a visit – who knows, perhaps you will be subscriber number 10,000!

Do You Sweeva?

SWEEVA is a free social marketing site that allows you to bid for page views and browse the websites of other members of the community to earn credits for additional exposure of your websites by the larger community of members.

Check it out here: SWEEVA

Sweeva has been developed by Jon Olson and Tim Linden – yes the gurus of free and low cost marketing methods that work!

Here is a Great Little Word Press Plug In for SEO

I wanted to share the code for a neat little Word Press Plugin that will help with SEO for your blog. As you may know, when you set up your site you have the option to name your site with or without the ‘www’ identifier. So as an example you can say or either way your visitors will arrive at your site. However, this can create an unfavorable result for the search engines.

Tim Linden is the creator of StartXchange which is a manual traffic exchange that he created 9 years ago when he was 15 years young. Tim is a very talented and soft spoken guy who seems to come up with an endless list of great tools to enrich your online experience and create leverage if you are an internet marketer.