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Richard Branson’s Necker Island Home Burns

If you are a regular reader of my blog you may have seen prior post and videos I have shared featuring Sir Richard Branson. I am a great admirer of his entrepreneurial spirit and his accomplishments as the original Maverick Entrepreneur.

Richard Branson started from nothing and since his late teens has taken the risk and made necessary sacrifices to emerge as one of the most innovative and wealthy self starters of all time. He has become a billionaire as a result of hard work coupled with creativity and a flare that has made him very popular and love around the world. Along the way he has given away millions and helped thousands of people better their lives. Richard Branson’s causes are as big as his vision and imagination including ending poverty, saving the environment, furthering space exploration, and much more.

His home will be rebuilt and according to Mr. Branson… even better than before. The true loss was the journals, photographs, and other irreplaceable documents which chronicled the career that has spanned many decades, cultures, and industries. By God’s grace no one was injured and for that all of us as human beings can collectively extend our gratitude to everyone involved. I wanted to pause for a moment and share a few thoughts to consider.

If you are not familiar with Sir Richard, here is an insightful interview recorded March 2007 during a TED Conference and the interview holds several key business and life lessons. The interview is 29:55 in length and worth every minute. If you seek to learn how a billionaire thinks, how to extend a brand, and understand the rewards of taking risk – this interview is for you.

How to Think Like a Successful Entrepreneur

n this episode I share 7 key concepts that will illustrate how to think like a successful entrepreneur in your home based business and no longer treat it as a hobby. I am going to provide you with actionable advice to help you break through and succeed.

Here are the key concepts discussed in this video:

1. How to playing BIG and never play small

2. How Entrepreneurs are compensated

3. How to lead with value, solutions, and training

4. Why you must brand yourself

5. What are prospects really looking for?

6. How to profit from multiple income streams

7. What is your lead generation method?