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Ten Success Principles Affirmed by Tom and Denice Chenault

I was honoured to be a guest on the Tom Chenault Show which airs on the Genesis Communications Network. The discussion was broad and I was able to share my home business story and discuss other current topics imapcting the home business industry.

In this blog post I am going to share the recording of our interview in addition to sharing with you the top 10 success principles affirmed by Tom and Denice Chenault during the course amazing time shared with both before departing as new found friends. (To listen to the audio interview and read the 10 success principles simple click on the title link above)

Ten MLM Myths Defeated by the Truth

During today’s training session on the “Internet Business Blueprint” podcast, I discussed ten common myths that many face when prospecting for their network marketing (MLM) opportunity. I find that many distributors shy away from these when they are raised by their prospects and often result in a total lack of confidence during the recruiting process. My underlying advice has always been to address these questions head on and I will summarize here what the most common myths are and how to address each in effectively.

Brand Yourself Not Your Company

One of the biggest mistakes I see the majority of marketers make is branding their company or opportunity not themselves. The greatest single asset you have in business is your personal brand and the surprising truth is that everyone possesses a brand regardless of whether they purposely set out to create a brand or not. By being proactive and consciously setting out to position yourself in the marketplace with messages that consistently demonstrate your values will set you apart from 98% of marketers.