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Improve Your Email Open Rates with One Small Settings Adjustment

I want to share a quick email marketing tip with you from my Mega Money List vault. Your results will improve dramatically by making a few small adjustments in the way you structure your auto-responder settings and the manner in which you carry out your campaigns. From time to time I will post tips and tools to help you get better results and grow a more responsive list.

Most people use the default ‘from field’ as provided by their Internet service provider or free email sites like Google’s G-mail and Yahoo Mail when they send an email which usually looks something like this: (this is an example and not my real email address).

Using your ISP address or a free email account raw email address as noted above looks unprofessional and actually hurts your open rates according to AWeber, a leading email marketing services provider.

This email marketing mis-step is easily fixed and I am going to show you how to do that in this blog post. First, if you chose to include your email address in the ‘from sender’ line, be sure to set-up an email address which contains your domain. For example your ‘from sender’ line will look like this: this is easier for your readers to recognize, strengthens you brand awareness, and looks more professional.

Another option is not to use your raw email address at all as most email clients allow you to mask your email address with text, such as your name, company name of other statements that would identify you for your subscribers.

Mega Money EMails System Review

I am really excited about Mega Money Mails E-Course a complete list-building system including auto-responder campaigns resulting in a turnkey system that anyone can use to build a gorilla sized list. Regardless of how long you have been online you continue to hear people say “the money is in the list,” this is a catchy phrase and it also happens to be true.

It really doesn’t matter what you are doing right now to make money online, if you do not have prospects for your business it will be impossible for you to make sales or enroll members in your programs, it really is that simple. Will having a list a guarantee that you will make a consistent living online, not necessarily, but without a list you will find it virtually impossible to earn a sustainable full-time income online.

At first list-building may seem like an overwhelming task to get started, but in reality you can begin today by completing the Mega Money Emails course and then putting the system into place. I fully endorse the “Mega Money Emails” program because it allows both the newbie marketer and more experienced marketers to seamlessly build multiple sales funnels and convert sales consistently and systematically.

Here are a few of the immediate benefits from the Mega Money Emails system:

Benefit #1. Mega Money Emails provides you with the email campaigns completely set up for you and ready to upload to your autoreponder.

Benefit #2. Mega Money Emails provides 35 content rich follow up messages which you will drip feed to your subscribers automatically.

Benefit #3. Mega Money Emails will allow you to save time and make money while building your list.