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The Automated Sales Funnel Part 4: Converting Free Information Seekers Into Buyers

This is a recording of “The Saturday Morning Coffee Call” on the topic of how to convert free information seekers into buyers within your automated sales funnel. In addition to our discussion about conversions, I also shared a very important lesson on how to sow seed that will produce in your business and your life.

If you missed the preceding three lessons be sure to go back and listen to those as well. They provide a solid foundation concerning funded proposals and sales funnels. Keep in mind that each session builds towards a overall understanding of how to put this model to use in your business to ensure your long-term success.

The Automated Sales Funnel Part 3: Ethical Bribes

This is a recording of “The Saturday Morning Coffee Call” on the topic of how to create a high quality series of ethical bribes to attract qualified prospects into your sales funnel. What is an ethical bribe and how to you deliver value through a free opt-in gift or low cost offer.

If you missed the first two lessons be sure to go back and listen to those as well. You will want to have a complete understanding of how this list building and front-end sales model works. Lessons one and two will provide you with a solid foundation and ensure that you do not skip any critical steps in the process. Keep in mind that each session builds towards a overall understanding of how to put this model to use in your business to help you build a responsive list and add value for your subscribers.

Effective List Building Part 9: Use Pop Ups to Capture Exiting Visitors to Your Site

When used correctly pop-ups are a very effective way to get sign-ups for your mailing list from visitors to your site. A pop-up is a script that allows you to post a form or ad on your website or blog. When a new visitor arrives at your site the web-form or ad pops-up in front of a portion of the screen, this can alternatively be done when the visitor exits your site. I have found that the exist pop-up are less intrusive and better received by most visitors.

The beauty really is in the eye of the beholder when it comes to pop-ups and some view them positively while others find them to me a little annoying. Personally, I do not mind them as long as the information provided adds value. I also prefer to see them on exit – after I have viewed the information that I came to the site to see in the first place.

As with everything I teach, strive first to add value to the end user in this case the visitor to your site. Make an offer that in compelling, such as a unique digital product, subscription to a valuable newsletter, or a personal consultation. If you are trying to promote a specific product or business opportunity, offer something of value free that is relevant to the opportunity that you will eventually be presenting.

Remember that the primary objective of the pop-up should be listing building, not necessarily selling. Your readers will appreciate the value you give, you will then have an opportunity to develop a relationship with your subscriber and convert from prospect to customer or associate.

Effective List Building Part 8: How to Leverage Social Bookmarking Sites

Social Bookmarking is a powerful method for driving traffic to your blog and sales pages to create opt ins and build your list. This really IS NOT rocket science, but there are a few tips to share as well as a few quality sites to recommend and get you started.

So what is social bookmarking? Social Bookmarking is the act of recommending or reviewing blog post, articles, videos, podcast and other content by “marking” the chosen entries on one or more book marketing websites like those recommended in this post. Typically you will sign-up for a free account at one or more sites and recommend content as you surf he internet or stumble across content you deem to be worthy of comment.

Social bookmarketing is also a powerful SEO tool and you should always bookmark your own content or encourage others to do so on your behalf. Be sure that your bookmarking efforts are universal and that you are not limiting your activity to marking your own sites. Be sure to actively bookmark the sites of others and find a balance in the proportion of sites you mark.

Here are a few basic tips to help you maximize your list building activites using Social Bookmarking sites:

Podcast Episode #97: Janet Legere GVO Trainer of the Year

I am pleased to welcome Internet Marketer and Elite Trainer Janet Legere as my guest on the Internet Business Blueprint podcast on Friday May 30th at 1:00 PM EST. We are going to engage in a lively discussion on personal branding, list building and using list builders to explode your list and build your business. Janet and I are partnered in GVO and another soon to be announced venture – I have come to admire Janet and I am thrilled to share her knowledge with you.

Janet Legere was recently honored by Joel Therien,CEO of GVO with the award for trainer of the year, which is easily understood as Janet consistently provides excellent training at GVO Academy as well as in her own Saturday training sessions.

Build Your List with E-Books and Special Reports

I have spent a considerable amount of teaching you about list building over the past few months – this will not change as it is a key to your success online. Today, I wanted to share a strategy that has worked extremely well for me and that will work just as well for you provided you take action.

Here is the bottom line, people love getting quality information for free! One great way to build your list and add value for the member of your list is to provide quality e-books and special reports that help your subscribers build their businesses and improve their lives. I have a VERY EASY way for you to do this starting right now.

My friend John Guanzon has partnered with Brett Phillips to introduce “TE Reports” a membership website that contains twelve e-book titles that you can re-brand with your links and give away as part of your list building campaigns or as a free bonus on your blogs and websites. These are quality high in demand e-books that will add tremendous value for you and your subscriber list.

Effective List Building Part 7: Invest in Relationships to Explode Your List

Assuming that you have been taking action on what I have been teaching in this series you now have the foundation of a great list! Once you have began too build your list of opt in subscribers you must consistently work to establish and strengthen your relationships. Building your list is the first step and managing your list effectively is how you convert your list into a stable businesses.

Segment Your List and Focus on Your Subscribers Needs

I highly recommend segmenting your list and make it your practice to send targeted emails to each segment of your list as well as more general messages that apply to your entire list. The classification each particular subscriber from unqualified prospect to loyal repeat customer and everything in between, your subscribers should feel that you are speaking to their specific needs.

Effective List Building Part 2: A Numbers Game But Quality Matters More Than The Size Of Your List

List building is largely a numbers game but many marketers forget that quality matters when it comes to earning revenue with your list. If you want to monetize your subscriber list you must first provide real value for your members for free and then within your funnel convert those subscribers to buyers.

The basic formula that I teach to achieve our objective is simply offering visitors to your websites and blogsites a high value item free as a reward for opting in, I refer to this as an ethical bribe. Keep in mind that this is a reflection on your brand and for your future customers it is their first sample of the quality and value you provide. As a result you want to give away some of your BEST information. If you give your new subscribers cheap or low value products and information, they have no reason to pay for what they will perceive to be more of the same.

When you provide high value information as a free gift and continue to provide quality content through your auto-responder messages, you begin to build trust by establishing your expertise and you create a desire in your subscriber to obtain more of your content and a willingness to pay for the value they receive.

Effective List Building Part 1: Actions to Build Your Subscriber List Now!

List building is a crucial piece of the success puzzle when it comes to creating a successful internet marketing business. The bottom line is clear, you need a list regardless of which business model you choose; information product marketing, affiliate marketing , direct sales or any other the other handful of variant models you have to choose from. The bottom line is to be successful you must place your message in front of your market with consistently.

There are a variety of channels that you can use to deliver your message, but few are more effective than a responsive double opt in subscriber list of buyers who already know you, like you and most importantly have grown to trust you. Once you have a subscriber list in place, you should plan to earn one dollar for every name on your list each month. Then if your desire is to make more money simply grow a bigger list.

I will be focusing a lot on list builing in 2010, both in my personal business and in the training I share on my blog. To get things started, I wanted to provide you with a simple checklist providing actionable ideas that you can implement today to begin building your list.

Guest Post: Why You’ll Love AWeber’s New Web Form Generator

I have been both a client and paid affiliate of AWeber for more than two years. Aweber is in my opinion is the best autoreponder for the needs of the broadest number of Internet marketers. The links contained in this post are my personal affiliate links and they provide you with a $1 trail to the AWeber service suite.

From time to time I like to share relevant post to introduce new resources and strategies to add value and help you succeed online. Today, I am pleased to introduce you to this excellent post by Justin Premick from Aweber in addition to a video that will allow you to see the power of AWebers new tool set. Please be sure to leave a comment and let me know if this provided vale for you.

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