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How to Make $1,000 per Day the Lazy Way and Get Instant Cash Deposits

Learn how to take action on a simple 1-2-3 step formula designed to put instant deposits into your bank account working just a couple of hours per day… I call it the Lazy Guy or Lazy Girl method because you only need to invest about 2 hours of focused time each day.

I just finished attending a very truthful and powerful webinar conducted by David Wood the co-founder of Empower Network (EN). It created a huge sense of accountability and also produced a huge epiphany for me and I suspect that you will have a similar experience.

As I previously explained a couple of months ago when I posted my review of Empower Network, although I have known David for quite some time, I still evaluated EN just as I would any other income stream or business opportunity. The only regret I have is not getting involved on day one… you see I actually knew about this before it launched last year. The good news that these are still the early days as this is just getting started.

The best way to evaluate Empower Network for yourself is to register for this new and exclusive Webinar and take action if you feel Empower Network is right for you.

Here is the Webinar Registration link:

I don’t know if Empower Network would be good for you or not… I don’t know if you are looking for a primary program or adding another income stream? Either way, I think you will benefit from attending this Webinar regardless of your current position as you can apply these principles to any aspect of business or life.

I am here to help you succeed and sharing what is working for me is a great way to add value for you. Please feel free to post a comment below and connect with me personally if I can help you in anyway.

Have a blessed day!

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Multiple Streams of Income Model Explained (Free Video)

I recently presented an extensive training on my One 24 Profits ‘Multiple Income Streams’ model as a guest trainer for the webinar series hosted by Kay Brasher… it is a great community and event. Kay has done a great job attracting many of the top trainers in online marketing and the series has experienced tremendous growth in popularity.

I wanted to share a recording of the video and audio of this training session. If you have been trying to make real money online and have struggled to figure out how so many people are having success using systems, this webinar will be a true eye opener.

(To View the Complete Blog Post and Watch the Video… Click on the Title Link Above)

How to Earn from Multiple Income Streams Online

I was honored to be the guest of Janet Legere and Don Legere on their January 21, 2012 Contact List Builder training for their amazing membership community. This was my second opportunity to share with their membership after appearing on September 2011 to discuss traffic exchange mastery.

In this session, we discussed the benefits to building an online business based on the multiple income streams model and the steps required to create a sustainable business. I shared my personal journey in discovering this model while working in the real estate industry and my system for implemented the same concepts online.

The recording contains the entire training session including an initial introduction from Janet and a great mindset lesson from Don Legere. The training is fully actionable and I recommend watching it with a notebook and pen in hand. (Click on the title link to read the complete post and watch the video)

Do You Think it is Hard to Make Money Online?

I interact daily with dozens of people all driven by a common goal to make money online and change their lives in meaningful ways. Among the most commonly asked questions are those focused on whether or not it is difficult to make money online. This is understandable because the Internet can be a very confusing place with so many promises of easy riches and push button profits, it is easy to see why people become discouraged when these programs fail to produce results for the great majority of people who try.

The key to succeeding online is approaching your business objectives with the proper mindset, one that allows you to see the possibilities and determine a path that will lead to your success. There is a transition must be made to become a successful online business owner… a transition I call going from ‘e to E.’

What is e to E?

Understanding the difference between how e = employees and E = Entrepreneurs are paid is a critical piece of the success formula, failure to understand this foundational concept will lead to discouragement and frustration on your journey. Let me go one step further, the lack of understanding of the transition from e to E is responsible for the failure of more budding entrepreneurs than any other single factor.

How are e = employees compensated?

employees are compensated by exchanging time for money, which is usually predetermined based on an hourly rate or salary.

How are E = Entrepreneurs compensated?

Entrepreneurs are compensated as a derivative the problems they solve and/or the value they provide to the marketplace. Typically, the level (or amount) of compensation is proportionate to the size of the problems solved or sheer amount of value provided. Isn’t that a beautiful thing?

Based on this truth, you can understand why you must avoid logging hours when you launch your new business. Forget about the hours you spend and understand that you will likely be under compensated for a period of time. If you refuse to quit you will eventually reach a tipping point and begin to earn based on a whole new set of guidelines. Once you have broken through to the entrepreneurial standard you will earn based on your true worth and not as a result of the number of hours you work.

What do you mean by hard?

Understanding the degree to which you are willing to sacrifice to achieve your dreams is another critical piece of the success formula. I have always believed that the definition of ‘hard’ is an individual one and is directly tied to your mindset. So what if it is hard…what matter is whether or not your dream worth it to you.

Here is a short video that might change the way you see your world and redefine the meaning of the word hard in your life. This video changed me, I already possessed a strong mindset toward self-sacrifice and hard work… yet this still caused a change in my perception of challenges. (Click on the title link above to watch the video and read the full article)

George Kosch Rare Worldprofit Video Presentation

It has been a while since I updated you on my growing success with Worldprofit both as a viable income opportunity and a traffic platform I use to grow multiple income streams. As I write this post, I am completing my 19th consecutive month in profit since joining Worldprofit in May 2011… November will be the second most profitable month to date.

Recently George Kosch, Co-Founder and Chief of Technology for Worldprofit, Inc. conducted a live webcast detailing several key elements of their amazing systems. It is difficult to highlight more than a handful of dozens of innovative automated traffic and search engine optimization tools available to Worldprofit dealers. In this video Mr. Kosch details several core benefits available to Silver and Platinum members, which allows you to see what Worldprofit sells and discover how you can make money with Worldprofit.
(Please click on the title link above to read the full article)

The Best Online Business Model for You?

I am often asked what is the best model to use when starting a business online and the simple answer is the one that works for you. Sounds logical but the best answer requires a bit more explanation along with a few examples of the core types of businesses you should consider.

I recorded a new podcast episode that addresses each of the core models along with additional insight and advice. Here is my show player… click the start button and be sure to take notes.

Assuming that you are clear on your objectives and the motivation behind your desire to start your business you should be able to build your business around one of these core models. As your experience grows you may venture into more than model as I have done… this is my advice as long as you maintain disipline in runing your businesses.
(Click on the Title Link to Read the Full Story and Listen to the Audio)

Damian Benko Has Released “The Truth Report” Yours Free

Damian Benko author of “The Truth Report” was my guest today on the Internet Business Blueprint podcast and the replay is available here.

The Truth Report was written for newbie and intermediate online marketers who need to learn the basics to quickly become profitable in their Internet based businesses. One challenge many face when considering an online business is information overload and knowing how to identify a rod map that will lead to success.

Why I Recommend the “Your Net Biz” Internet Business System

I have been marketing “My Internet Business” now branded “Your Net Biz” since June 2008 and I truly believe it is the best direct sales business platform on the internet. Every day thousands of people come on to the Internet looking for business opportunities or ways to make money. I believe one of the primary reasons so many fail is a lack of training, specific training centered on the skills and systems needed to create a successful Internet based business.

Your Net Biz solves this problem by literally providing a turnkey business system complete with the training, mentor-ship, products, and systems needed to allow even the complete Internet marketing newbee to quickly become profitable and make a full time income online. The opportunity is even greater for the seasoned marketer who can take the thousands of information products and back office resources included in the system and literally build a million dollar business.

My $1,000 Digital Product Giveaway Explained

On this episode I provided a full explanation of my “Big Give” event for the month of August. I am giving away $1,000 worth of information products including MP3 audios, special reports, e-books, software, and videos – all delivered by instant download. There are no strings attached and all the details on how to claim your package are available on this podcast.

The Internet Business Blueprint podcast is a daily program designed to help anyone interested in Internet based entrepreneurship. Proving coaching, resources, and tools designed to help you establish and grow a thriving internet based business. Guest and topics will focus on topics relevant to internet marketers, network marketers, direct sellers and affiliate marketing professionals.

I am giving away $1,000 in Free Digital Products, Do You Know Why?

I recently conducted a training on auto-responders and list management on my “Internet Business Blueprint” podcast. During the training I spent a considerable amount of time making the case for carefully choosing your auto-responder company because moving a large list from one host to another can result in you loosing a large percentage of your subscribers. Most reputable host will not allow you to upload a large list in bulk into their service without confirming their opt in and a large percentage of people will not re-opt in to your new list.

I have a series of list that consist of the members of my network marketing team and prospects who are in my network marketing funnel, these prospects haven’t decided to join me, but they still want to benefit from the content and resources that I provide to my list. I am experiencing amazing growth in my business funnel and it is time to consolidate my list to one host, as a result I now get to live my lesson and move a mid-sized list.