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Viral Traffic Network to Support The Global Enrichment Foundation

I was inspired t act last Friday my wife and I were watching the NBC Today Show and Kate Snow’s interview with Amanda Lindhout the founder of The Global Enrichment Foundation (GEF). Amanda established the foundation to support the women of Somalia and empower women worldwide through education. Hearing her story and understanding the desperate situation in Somalia left me with both an uneasy feeling and a heartfelt desire to do something, to find a creative way to make a real difference.

After doing further research over the weekend, I came up with an idea and I have made a decision to adopt GEF as the official non-profit of the Viral Traffic Network. Through a series of initiatives, we will provide contributions to The Somali Woman’s Scholarship program and other activities of The Global Enrichment Foundation. Details on the full scope of this commitment will be forthcoming in a future post. For now, I would invite you to watch this short video featuring Amanda Lindhout and also take a moment to visit their website.

I am taking immediate action on this commitment by hosting a free and live online webinar on Thursday August 1th, which you are invited to attend. If you would like to learn more about the webinar send an email to me at and you will receive an email reply containing all of the details for the event. The webinar will co-presented and feature four leading Internet marketers training on topics to include; establishing your online presence, leveraging PR through social media, creating an automated business funnel, and an action plan for your success.

Free Webinar: New FTC Rules for Internet Marketers

I have spent time over the past few weeks studying the new FTC Rules that relate to Internet Marketers. I even managed to interview Mr. Kevin Houchin, Esq. the attorney for Internet Marketer Extraordinaire Joel Comm on my podcast a couple of weeks ago.

Listen to the reply here: Internet Business Blueprint Podcast

These changes will impact everyone who markets online and specifically addresses income claims, testimonials, affiliate endorsement and actions related to these elements of marketing. One important point to note is that both the owners of companies and their affiliate are liable for the content that appears on their websites, blogs, and sales pages.

For example: “Even 100% TRUTHFUL testimonials and endorsements could result in a Federal case against you for DECEPTIVE advertising.”

Joel Comm and Kevin Houchin are hosting a free Webinar on Monday November 9th from 8-9 PM EST and I would strongly urge you to claim a seat to learn what you need to do to remain complaint.

Here is the link to sign up for the Free Webinar: SITE Compliant FTC Webinar

Ryan Deiss and Perry Belcher Present “How to Finally Make Money With Social Media” Free Webinar

Internet Marketing Master Ryan Deiss and Social Media Guru Perry Belcher will be hosting a Free 2 Hour Webinar on Wednesday evening July 22, 2009 titled “How to Finally Make Money With Social Media” the presentation is expected to sell out at 5,000 attendees. This is an early registration link.

I have personally listen to dozens of hours of Ryan Deiss and Perry Belcher training on information product creation, social media, and Internet marketing. I highly recommend their materials as I have found them to be relevant, actionable, an of high value.