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Cyber Bullying Exist in the Traffic Exchange World

The pot had been boiling for months you know the story school yard bully throwing stones and tossing insults to other kids on the playground that is the web. Let me be clear, all of the players in this little dust-up are people I consider friends so with that said… what boiled to the surface has been in the soup for a while and many in the room know it even if they would never say it.

If you run a little Google search of my comments posted to many traffic exchange related blogs you will discover that I am an advocate of letting people run their own businesses and furthermore recognizing that there are many ways to do so successfully. Social Surfing vs Old school surfing, social sites vs non-social sites, owner provided customer support vs Staff provided customer support, LFMTE vs Non-LFMTE… nanner, nanner, nanner… how about try to make a few pennies a day vs why not a few hundred, building a chat presence vs building a list, and it goes on and on and on and on! The truth is that there are many examples of successful sites and online business owners representative of each of these models and many more.

The truth is there has been a fair amount of “bullying” going on in conference rooms and on blogs over the past few months and the people being kicked around have many successes to their credit, they are proven leaders have have thousands of customers and followers. This post is not written to plead their case, feel sorry for them, or start picking sides… it’s not my style. I am merely an observer like most of you with an opinion that I am not afraid to express.

Sooner or later every bully get’s exposed on the play ground it like an unwritten law of the universe. When it happens you recognize it immediately, like that famous scene from the movie “A Christmas Story” when Ralphie finally decides he has had enough. There is allot of sensitivity to school yard bullying these days so I hope you can appreciate my humor in sharing this video clip before I share my point.

Go ahead and press play… you know you can’t resist (CLICK on the Title Link above to watch the video and read the entire post)