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Social Marketing Gifts Give Away Event Review and Bonuses

Guido Nussbaum launches the next great give away event… I am in!

Make Money While Dinning Out?

When I first came online for the purpose of making money nearly four years ago, I asked the same question that many new marketers ask… how can I start building a list? I was busy soaking up information like a sponge and most of the training I received suggested that I needed a list, that the key to success is establishing a relationship with a list, and making quality offers to my list. Sounds easy enough but how do you get started?

There are many methods you can us to begin building a list or grow an existing list and I quickly learned that ‘give away events‘ are a great option worthy of consideration. Guido Nussbaum is known as one of the best promoters of Internet marketing give away events and has an impressive track record to back up his reputation. As the creator of the Give Away Manager 3 script and countless successful events, Guido always attracts hundreds of valuable gifts from many successful marketers and you can leverage this by becoming a JV Contributor.

The newest event is called ‘Social Marketing Gifts‘ and you can join as a contributor here add your give away items, banners, and log in ads in order to rapidly grow your list. This is perfect for both the experienced marketer and the novice alike, as long as the items you give away have value… members will opt into your list to claim them.

 The facts about Social Marketing Gifts

Here are the key dates, mark them down as open and closing dates are critical to track when promoting and list building with give away events; this is not an open end opportunity and there is usually a firm start and stop date. This is true of most all of the events that I recommend.

Pre-Launch Date: Now (You can go here and join to be a contributor)

Launch Date: June 21, 2012 (This is when free members can start downloading gifts from the website)

Closing Date: July 06, 2012 (This is the final day that members can download gifts from the site then the doors close)

Quick Tip: Manage these dates to maximize your opportunity by inviting JV Contributors during the ‘pre-launch,’ promote the event during ‘launch,’ and remind your list and followers of the ‘closing date’ to ensure they claim the maximum number of free gifts from the event.

Make Money While Dinning Out?

The picture above features Guido Nussbaum enjoying a nice sword fish dinner while making money… how? Like me, Guido has a list of active subscribers which allows us to make money by providing value and quality offers to our list while dinning out, participating in our hobbies, spending time with family, or doing whatever we chose while away from our businesses.

I want to teach you how to do exactly what we do to build a responsive list. Over the next few months I am going to teach you how to leverage give away events to build your first list or grow your existing list. Beyond letting you know about the best of the new events, I am going to teach you how to maximize your participation in each event. This is not a ‘get rich quick‘ strategy… this is a strategy to build a list and sustainable pillar of marketing.

How can you take action and profit from give away events?

Step #1. Join ‘Social Marketing Gifts’ as a Contributor here:

Step #2. Invest the time required to update your profile in the members area at the site, add your social profile links, and your Pay Pal email address so that you can receive commissions.

Step #3. Add your gifts, banner ads, log in offers, and bonuses to the site from your members area.

Step #4. Share your “contributors affiliate link‘ using the promo tools from the members area to invite JV Contributors to join the event with you. If they upgrade their account you will earn a commission.

Step #5. Once the event opens for gift seekers promote your ‘members affiliate link‘ to share the gift vault with your list and social media contacts.

Step #6. Remain active promoting the event until it closes. Log into your account every day or two and be active in the give away event.

Step #7. Connect with me on Skype: jamesHolmesOnline and let me know you would like to receive my bonuses and gain my personal assistance in making this method of list building work for you. I will coach you personally and give you several promo codes for free advertising.

Who is Guido Nussbaum?

Guido Nussbaum launched the Traffic Witch manual traffic exchange in 2008. Guido grew Traffic Witch to over 30,000 members within the first year and is consistantly ranked among the top traffic exchanges at Traffic Hoopla and Affiliate Funnel. In addition to traffic exchanges, Guido owns several successful online marketing and membership sites which serve a worldwide marketplace. Guido is considered to be an expert and hosting successful give away events.

Listen to my interview with Guido Nussbaum here: Rare Guido Nussbaum Interview

I am here to help you succeed, so take action and let me show you how to build a new list!

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