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Podcast Episode #121: Rob Hannley, CEO Primo Vacations Club

I invite you to join me for a very special interview with Mr. Rob Hannley, CEO of Primo Vacations. We will discuss Primo Vacations Club’s unique business model, sales system and personal business assistant support network. Have you ever wished you could travel the world and help other travel while you make a full-time living? That is the exact opportunity Rob is making available to people everyday.

In addition to exploring Primo Vacations, we will also have a broader discussion of the Internet, the economy and the opportunity that exist to create an entirely new level of life abundance through online marketing. This is a big subject and we will cover it in detail.

What is Primo Vacations Club?

Primo Vacations was launched in December of 2009 and is a premiere resorts and travel program that delivers exceptional value for both business owners and their customers. The program  meets and exceeds the standards set by big ticket programs in the travel niche. The advantage that Primo Vacations offers for you as a business owner is the cost to enter and maintain the business as compared to it’s pier competitors in the marketplace.

Primo Vacations is fast becoming a leader in the online travel niche and the modest cost to get started makes this program accessible for anyone who has the desire to succeed in an online business that delivers exceptional value and creates a significant income for you as a business owner from day one.

Who is Rob Hannley?

Rob Hannley, Internet Entrepreneur

Rob Hannley is the founder and co-creator of numerous turnkey internet marketing systems and the co-creator the wildly famous NetMillionaire Training System and Co Host the popular Radio Show for Entrepreneurs, NetMillionaire Buzz Radio, and founder of Primo Vacations Club and My Internet Business, LLC (Your Net Biz) among others.

Rob has interviewed many of most prominent thought leaders in area of entrepreneurship and personal development including: Mark Victor Hansen (Author of Chicken Soup for the Soul), Sales Master and Motivational Speaker Brian Tracy, Best Selling Author and Trainer, T. Harv Ecker, Best Selling Author and Trainer Robert Allen, Master Trainer, Randy Gage and many many more.

To learn More About Primo Vacations Visit: Get Primo Vacations

Here are the show details:

Show: The Internet Business Blueprint Podcast

When: Friday September 1oth from 1:00 – 2:00 PM EST

Web-Host: Blog Talk Radio

Show Page:

Call In Number: 1 (646) 727-3058

Chat Room Open: Yes

I have partnered with Rob Hannley for nearly three years and it is my pleasure to introduce to Rob and Primo Vacations Club.

Be sure to post a comment or share your favorite vacation venues or experiences with creating online success. If you know others who would like this podcast topic, please feel free to tweet it, share it on Facebook or bookmark it using the resources posted below.

I am here to help you succeed in your business and life!

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  • Growrich11

    Unforunately Rob Hannley together with D Pollack have made sure that I have no access to the travel membership I purchased from them .they have banned me because I dared to complain about their non existant customer service steer clear

  • JamesHolmesOnline

    Hello Growrich11 –

    It sounds like there is more to the story as this just doesn’t add up and the manner in which the travel services are delivered cannot be intercepted by your sponsor.

    I have worked with Rob Hannley for nearly 3 years and I have found his integrity and desire to please the members of Primo Vacations to be first class. Further, the interactions I have had with Karen and the support staff have always been respectful and resourceful.

    I appreciate that you have taken time to read my blog post and listed your comment. I wish you success in the direction you pursue in the year ahead.

    Have a blessed day!


  • Rev. Frank W. Schmitt

    Primo Vacations does not live up to their guarantee that a 100% refund is given when notice of recision of a decision from Primo Vacations is made well within the three day time period.