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Podcast Episode #92: Penny Power, Founder ecademy UK Based Social Network

Penny Power is the Founder of ecademy, a UK based social network for serious entrepreneurs and internet based marketers. On Wednesday February 3rd at 9:00 am EST Penny Power will be my special guest on the Internet Business Blueprint podcast on Blog Talk Radio. This will provide you with a rare interview to speak directly with Penny and benefit from her extraordinary knowledge in the area of entrepreneurship and leadership.

Penny Power created ecademy with her husband Thomas Power and Glenn Watkins to help business people achieve success in their business through online tools, community and through friendship. Penny was born in England in 1964, married Thomas Power in 1990 and has three children. In her own words:

“I think the greatest aspect of Social Networking and the online world for us has been the aspect of working from home a great deal, allowing Thomas and I to be close to the children as they grow up. I am sure that is something that many of Ecademy Members have experienced and it is an enormous benefit of the new online world.”

ecademy is a Social Business Network. Created as a community, it has developed over 12 years into a warm, supportive and creative place. Business people join from all over the world and we encourage an Open, Random and Supportive philosophy.

ecademy is a Social place where business happens. You will experience many conversations that are both business related and social related – the best part from my perspective as that you will find very few ‘social spammers’ and no one need apologize for promoting their businesses, it is actually encouraged.

If you have not visited ecademy I would encourage you to do so and then take advantage of their free membership here: Join ecademy Free

This will be an appearance not to miss and there is so much that you can learn from Penny that I am just pleased to host her on my show, I encourage you to join me.

I am here to help you succeed!

PS - Here is the link to the podcast show page:

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