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Podcast Episode 135: Dr. Jeffrey Lant on the Subject of Cyber-Bullying

Dr. Jeffrey Lant, CEO of Worldprofit back to the Internet Business Blueprint Podcast for a discussion on a very serious topic which is dominating much of the news of today – cyber-bullying.

The  subject of cyber-bullying is the focus of many national broadcast news stories and featured on the front pages of newspapers across the country as a result of the most recent and chilling example represented by the death of Tyler Clementi, an eighteen year old freshman at Rutgers University.

Bullying is not limited to childhood perpetrators as it exist on the Internet and is often focused at the people, businesses and brands that make up the business side of the online world. You have seen this played out many times and we are going to delve into this topic in depth and invite your participation in the program.

The Internet Business Blueprint Podcast is dedicated to Internet marketers and home based business professionals in network marketing, affiliate marketing, and direct selling. I provide coaching, resources and tools to help you build your business by growing your list, adding value, evolving your tribe, and earning daily revenue through your marketing funnel.

Here Is A Recording of the Complete Interview:

Dr. Jeffrey Lant on Cyber-Bullying

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Who is Dr. Jeffrey Lant?

Dr. Jeffery Lant is CEO and Co-Founder of Worldprofit. Well known to millions of people worldwide from his 18 books, hundreds of articles, international media appearances and daily live webcasts, Dr. Lant is an internationally recognized author, trainer and consultant.

Dr. Lant became CEO of Worldprofit in 1994 making him one of the longest serving Internet Chief Executives and has literally helped thousands of people learn how to make real money online. Holder of 4 university degrees, including a PhD from Harvard University, Dr. Lant has long gained the reputation of being the world’s most accessible CEO.

I invite you to join us for what is sure to be a very powerful and enlightening program and you will have an opportunity to ask your questions and share your thoughts with our audience.

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I am here to help you succeed in your business and life!

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