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New Google Slap for Thin Affiliate Review Sites

Google Slap

Google Slap

I just finished reading an interesting blog post about the latest Google Slap by AdWords Guru Perry Marshall creator of “The Definitive Guide Google AdWords” an excellent content creator and blogger on the subject of AdWords. I recently heard Perry interviewed on the “Internet Marketing This Week Podcast” where he once again stated his case that affiliate marketing is not a “real” business. I don’t agree with him in terms of making a blanket statement as many affiliate marketers have created “real” businesses which include affiliate marketing within their funnel.

In his blog post “Google Slap for Product Sites,” inspired by an email that Perry received from Dr. Glenn Livingston (included in the post) concerning feedback he has been receiving and apparently test he has conducted that would indicate that Google has cracked down on thin Affiliate product review sites, which do not add value to the readers experience. These sites are light on content and heavy on affiliate links.

Perry Marshall again states his case and offers a bit of advice for the affiliate marketer, which I think is very prudent including a strategy for based on rich content sites leading to high value auto responder letters that make the case for the affiliate product which is closed on a tele-seminar. Not a bad idea.

Here are my thoughts as shared on Perry’s blog comments:

“Perry – I appreciate you for getting Dr.Livingston’s findings out to the community for consideration and action in our own businesses. Google has a simple primary objective, to provide their user with the best experience by presenting relevant search results. When their customer lands on a thin affiliate site that doesn’t add value, they will seek to take action and enforce slap – eventually every time.

I will not lump all affiliates into one category as I know several full time affiliates who produce content rich sites, provide meaningful reviews and add value for the user. The difficulty is that to separate those who do and those who don’t is more monumental than simply changing the algorithm and letting the advertisers figure it out.

The basic tenet of entrepreneurship is that entrepreneurs are compensated for the problems they solve and the value they provide. There is no doubt in my mind that professional affiliates who honor the rules add value.

The challenge now for them is knowing the way forward.

Thank you for the great information and insight! – James”

Perry Marshall’s is a sought after speaker and commentator on AdWords, his books on Advertising with Google are the most popular in the world. He is referenced across the Internet and by Entrepreneur Magazine, The Washington Post, and USA Today.

I would like to hear from you, feel free to leave your comments and share your thoughts on this issue.

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  • Leo Saraceni

    James, you’re right when you refuse to lump affiliates in one category; there are those who are only after a quick buck and they offer no value to any customer.

    But I haven’t seem many workarounds for the slap. I believe the best one is to either link the review landing page to an intermediate page, filled with content, and post the links there. This way, Google won’t penalize you for sending searchers to thin pages.

    I also write about cheap ppc tactics that affiliates need to consider now that their conversion rates will probably decrease a little.


  • JamesHolmes

    Leo – Thank you for your great comments and for sharing out your link, I will visit your site. I think your suggestion is a good one in addition to the strategies that Perry mentioned in his blog post.

    Have a blessed day!


  • Affilate Networks

    Google wants to understand your site comprehensively, when the URL changed last, etc. Affilate Networks

  • Jerry West

    Affiliate marketing is the bulk of my revenue and seeing low quality sites getting “slapped” is fine by me. I have dozens of affiliate review sites and the QS on all of them is unchanged. Google doesn’t hate affiliate marketing, after all, they own an affiliate network.

    Thanks for the post.

    Jerry West

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  • JamesHolmes

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  • Sunnykr

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