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Net Learning Academy Private Coaching to Ensure Your Online Success

Net Learning Academy’s Inner Circle Coaching Program

The Net Learning Academy was launched on November 2, 2011 by Robert Puddy, Chris Houg, Catherine Heiter, Kaye Towne, Josh Abbott, Brett Phillips, and James Holmes (me). The vision behind this innovative approach to teaching Internet marketing grew from our collective desire to provide a fast track way for people to learn how to create true and sustainable businesses online. We offer the core training and weekly webinars free of charge!

The Net Learning Academy (NLA) is free to join and we provide expert training through a variety of methods including live webinars six days each week Monday to Saturday. Each webinar is taught by a NLA faculty member and focuses on one specific topic, which is the area of specialty for the trainer.

Daily Webinar Schedule:

Email Marketing & Ad-Copy with Kaye Towne: Learn how to Construct email promotions and write compelling ad-copy Monday at 1:00 pm EST

Mega Money List building with James Holmes: Learn how to create a marketing funnel that builds a hyper-responsive mega money list of targeted subscribers.  learn a step by step process to create a automated sales funnel to build your list. Tuesday 5:00 pm EST

Hosting and Cpanel Tutorials with Chris Houg: Basic PHP,  advanced PHP, Cpanel,  hosting tips and tricks and much more. Your tech problems solved! Wednesday at 1:00 pm EST

Login Frequency Marketing with Robert Puddy : How to use membership sites to build a list, and monetize the list building process doors open Thursday at 3:00 pm EST

Newbie Training with Catherine (Cat) Heiter: Simple explanations for everyday actions Cat will demystify the jargon and get you started. Friday at 3:00 pm EST

Super Saturday Round Table with the Faculty: When all the team come together to keep you informed doors open Saturday at 11:00 am EST

In addition to the webinars, you will also find a variety of additional tools and resources in the members area. NLA also provides an opportunity for profit driven marketers to create ‘teams’ inside of NLA in order to create a supportive team environment for everyone you are working with across all of your online traffic and income streams.

Once you have joined be sure to re-brand all the links in the DLB and note that every link inside of NLA can be branded to you… even links we put out in webinar invites and in admin emails to our members. Net Learning Academy is a complete Downline builder as well as a premium training site.

Something BIG for Serious Marketers… the Inner Circle

How much value would you gain in building your business by working one on one in a private coaching relationship with the entire Net Learning Academy Faculty as your personal coach and mentor? The NLA Inner Circle Mentoring Program is an exclusive coaching program limited to five action oriented marketers every six weeks. We will help you develop an achievable, long-term marketing strategy, advise you on the exact steps required to implement what we advise and our direct assistance to help you achieve it.

 Nothing compares to personal one-on-one coaching

How will we help you achieve your goals through our coaching? Step-By-Step Guidance From Your Own PRIVATE Marketing Mentor…Our mentoring calls will be be structured along these lines

Follow Up and Accountability

The question on our coaching call to you will be simple: “Have you done what we agreed you would do in our last call?”

Having someone hold you to account over things that have to be done is a huge motivation factor in any successful client mentor relationship.

Achievable Goals

Together we will establish a series of short and medium term goals, decide which ones your going to do and which ones our tech team can do for you.

Personally Designed Monthly Success Profile

This is where you get to ask your coaches anything you want and leave no stone unturned. We will find any areas of self sabotage, extract them and set you off to your next success. This highly structured method will keep you FOCUSED on what matters most and stop doing things that you don’t need to do!

You private coaches are committed to your success

This is not a group coaching program, we are not outsourcing the training to a random source on the other side of the world. You receive personal coaching exclusively by the NLA team of professional coaches.

We cannot guarantee your success because  we don’t know your background, work ethics, personal circumstances, financial situation etc. If you join this program and don’t put in the effort required of you, then you’re going to waste your money and our time. We are here to greatly increase your odds for success and motivate you to follow a clearly defined plan.

You can become a Net Learning Academy Member Here: Join Net Learning Academy

Once inside the members area you will be able to explore all of the features and benefits for the members and read more about the private coaching program found under the ‘Inner Circle‘ menu tab.

Please feel free to post a comment and share your comments or questions concerning online learning or private coaching. I am here to help you succeed and I look forward to connect with you directly to help you accomplish your goals.

Have a blessed day!

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