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Multiple Streams of Income Model Explained (Free Video)

James Holmes Presentation on Multiple Income Streams

I recently presented an extensive training on my One 24 Profits ‘Multiple Income Streams’ model as a guest trainer for the webinar series hosted by Kay Brasher… it is a great community and event. Kay has done a great job attracting many of the top trainers in online marketing and the series has experienced tremendous growth in popularity.

I wanted to share a recording of the video and audio of this training session. If you have been trying to make real money online and have struggled to figure out how so many people are having success using systems, this webinar will be a true eye opener.

Here is a video recording of the session:


Multiple Income Streams: The Simple Model for Online Success

In addition to the video, I wanted to provide an MP3 version so that you can upload the recording to your favorite MP3 player and easily listen to the audio. If you would like to receive the audio only file send an email to me here:

I provided a tremendous amount of actionable content in this training, so be sure to take notes and highlight actions that you can take immediately to grow your business.

I am here to help you succeed and I will help you get set up and earning in the shortest possible time. Have a blessed weekend!

Have a blessed weekend!

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