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Internet Business Blueprint - Internet Marketing, Viral List Building, Social Media Mastery

Meet Com Mirza: Lemonade, Social Media, and Entrpreneurship

Today, I was joined by Com Mirza on the Internet Business Blueprint podcast. Com is a Serial Entrepreneur, Author, Consultant, Social Media Addict, Blogger, Networker, Video Addict, And The Lemonade Boy. He can be found on as (@TheLemonadeBoy). For the last 7 years Com Mirza has been actively involved in starting technology companies from scratch, building up the subscriber and revenue bases and selling them off to venture capitalists and companies. With a portfolio of over 20 Internet companies and partnerships with some of the greatest Internet entrepreneurs com is committed to starting, building and selling more companies and spends a majority of his time on his ventures.

Com Mirza

Com Mirza

Com is also a part time author and has written 3 books, Mental Steroids, Bitten By Success, and Dreamer Businessman Humanitarian. In his spare time he likes to hang with his family, read like crazy, network with intelligent successful people, inspire people, teach, consult, challenge himself, help change the world, study personal development, peak performance, brain science, psychology, and business like crazy.

We covered a variety of subjects related to entrepreneurship and social media, you can hear the replay at (it is worth your time invested).

Here are a few notes from our conversation today:

Com on Failure

1. Have a personal support structure

2. Have a firm commitment to what you are pursuing

3. Access your personal support structure to create life balance

Com Recommends there ‘must have” social profiles

1. Twitter

2. Facebook

3. You Tube

4. Linked In

5. MySpace (although losing market share and mind share)

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I would love to read your feedback after hearing the interview. Also, Com provides his personal contact information at the end for anyone who would like to learn how to turn lemons into lemonade!

Have a blessed day!


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