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Maryanne Myers Advertising Sites Review

Effective Internet Marketing with Maryanne Myers Safelist Sites

I use dozens of viral ad exchanges to drive traffic to my websites and to produce sales for affiliate programs I promote; I use ad exchanges for one simple reason… they work. Advertising exchanges exist in many forms including traffic exchanges, safelist, viral mailers, text ad exchanges and a variety of variations on these scripts. I get consistent results and literally earn money every weeky by posting ads to these sites and you can too.

I was introduced to a site called Money List Mania created by Maryanne Myers on December 12, 2009 and from the moment I posted my first ad to the site I enjoyed results. I soon discovered that Ms. Myers is a true force in the ad exchange industry as owner of more than twenty sites and over time I have become a member of all of them. Her sites are very popular and deliver extreme value for the members.

If you are not using advertising exchanges you should be and if you are looking for responsive sites I recommend taking a close look at Maryanne Myers programs. The following link will take you to a list of Maryanne’s websites along with a special bonus offer I have created for additional free advertising at a couple of ad exchange sites I own.

Go Here:

Who is Maryanne Myers?

Maryanne Myers is a talented PHP programer, HTML and Java Script coder, web designer, marketing and advertising expert. She has developed more than 30 safelist websites with 410,000+ responsive members who enjoy mailing to a targeted list. Everyone one of her sites offers her members unique ways to advertise their businesses, drive targeted website traffic, and make money.  Maryanne enjoys a loyal following of affiliate who actively promote her sites immediately upon launching resulting in thousands if members joining within the first few weeks.

I love to share programs, systems and resources that are working for me in my business. I believe it is important to test and prove results from a program before recommending it to you, I adopted this core philosophy very early in my online career and believe following this practice allows me to serve you my reader in the best possible way.

Have a blessed day!

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