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List Surfing Re-Opens as the Ultimate Social Exchange

List Surfing Relaunches as the Ultimate Social Ad Exchange

List Surfing Exchange


Darren Olander and Matt Koshko have re-opened their popular ListSurfing advertising exchange and mailer to both existing and new members. The new site has been completely integrated with an emphasis on Social Interactions and branding for the members throughout the site.  What really sets List Surfing apart from the other social exchanges is the focus on the member and the members brand.

Here are a few of the social interaction features:

  • Your Full Social Profile with Links to Your Social Profiles
  • Highlighted Member Activity on the Site
  • Site Feedback in the Surf
  • Live Chat in the Surf
  • Your Own Opt-In Box to Build Your List
  • Social Integration in the Unique Mailing Feature
  • Activity Rewards for Remaining Active

Other Key Features Include:

  • Thumb Views to Select the Next Site You Want to See
  • Unique Mailer Features (Doubling Your Leverage)
  • Earn Mailing Credits While You Surf!
  • Rewards for Remaining Active on the Site
  • Featured Ad Section for Your Ad Rotator
  • All New Professional Design and Navigation

I am very excited about the changes that Darren and Matt have made to what had already been a very unique exchange. I recommend joining List Surfing and taking advantage of the special offers for upgraded membership and advertising packages. The new design and site navigation will have broad appeal to both experienced exchange surfers as well as marketers who are new to the surf exchange environment. Having built-in mailing features makes this site a true value allowing you to double your results and leverage reaching a much broader audience with your promotions.

In celebration of this re-opening, I am going to be providing a special bonus package to everyone who joins using the link in this post. As you may know, I own two popular exchanges both S.W.A.T. Traffic and Boot Scootin’ Traffic are included in the bonuses along with two other bonuses for you.

Everyone who joins List Surfing using this special link will receive these 4 bonuses:

#1. S.W.A.T. Traffic Package – Site Credits 1000, Banner Credits 1000, Text Ad Credits 1000

#2. Boot Scootin Traffic Package – Site Credits 1000, Banner Credits 1000, Text Ad Credits 1000

#3. Viral Traffic Buzz Gold Membership Upgrade (Value $47)

#4. Exclusive Jeff Dedrick Webinar Recording Featuring Russell Brunson (Value $37)

All you need to do is join List Surfing using this link: List Surfing Exclusive

Then I will send you an email using the members email system within List Surfing containing the link to claim your bonuses. It’s that simple!

I enjoy supporting dedicated owners of high value advertising sites. Darren and Matt have a tremendous reputation and complete integrity in the industry; they have invested heavily to create what I feel is among the very best, feature rich ad exchanges online and I am confident that you will fall in love with the new List Surfing.

Please feel free to post your comments below and let me know how your results are with this newly revised site. I am here to help you succeed and guide the way to the very best free and low cost advertising platforms available online.

Have a blessed day!

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Be sure to use this link to claim the bonuses: List Surfing Exclusive

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