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Learn How to Hold Your Vision

Hold Your Vision and Manifest Your Dreams

The Covered Bridge Across Gore Creek in Vail

Back in June I enjoyed a short working vacation in Vail, Colorado a place I have visited regularly since 1981. My trip resulted in an amazing period of reflection, personal growth and many lessons which I have shared here in two earlier post. The first  dealt with manifesting your perfect life and that was followed by thoughts on embracing your personal stories to break through events of the past that may have created self-limiting beliefs in your life.

Today, I want to share my understanding of another concept which may in fact be the key to obtaining the life of our dreams. The topic is holding onto the vision of what we really want in our lives. It is one thing to sit down with your journal and write out a set of goals or better yet a life plan, it is quite another matter to hold onto your vision against obstacles and setbacks.

I remember sitting next to the raging Gore Creek with it’s banks overflowing from the Spring runoff as the water moved swiftly toward the Colorado River to fulfill it’s purpose as a tributary to the great Colorado. When I looked downstream I could see many obstacles in the path of the flowing creek; boulders, fallen trees, foliage and I thought of these as an analogy of the obstacles we face in pursuit of our vision or purpose. I watched as the water found its way over, under and around every obstacle and challenge with a clear purpose to flow eventually into the Colorado River. We must maintain the same focus and determination to achieve our greater vision life vision and purpose.

10 actions you can take to achieve vision and purpose in your business and life.

01. Set your vision based on “your why”  as your why will anchor you during choppy waters and give your vision real  purpose.

02. Allow yourself to DREAM BIG regardless of where you are today, build your vision based on where you want to be.

03. Believe in the power of attraction and draw unto yourself the people, opportunities, and resources needed to manifest your vision.

04. Adopt a mindset that by default says yes to the opportunities, possibilities, and people who can help you achieve your vision.

05. Adopt this success formula: Preparation + Opportunity = Success

06. Don’t expect something for nothing… life rarely works that way.

07. Don’t sell yourself short… invest the time and money in the training and resources needed to achieve your goals.

08. Take massive action and as you develop action oriented habits they will become perpetual and second nature in your life.

09. Become comfortable when holding your vision… breakthrough all fears that arises along your journey toward achievement.

10. Recognize that you will be stepping outside of your comfort zone… you may be entering new territory, so maintain your focus.

Manifesting your vision is a process that requires a conscious effort on your part and an underlying belief in your ability make your dreams a reality. If you are inspired to share your thoughts on creating a vision feel free to scroll to the bottom of this article and post your comments below.

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I have so much more to share and will do so in future post. I am here to help you succeed and create the businesses of your dreams. By being here you have placed action behind your intentions for which I am grateful.

Have a blessed day!

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  • Carol Walczak

    nice post James, didn’t know you were into this stuff too : )

  • JamesHolmesOnline

    Hello Carol – Thank you for stopping by my blog and posting a comment. I am glad to hear you are conscious also… It is amazing what we can manifest when we carry an awareness about the power of our thoughts.

    I hope you stop by again soon. Have a blessed day!