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Internet Marketers: Do Your Motives and Actions Pass This Test?

It really isn’t that difficult to do the right thing – agreed? I was reading a blog post by my friend Jon Olson on ‘Hit Exchange News‘ titled “The Biggest Joke In Internet Marketing” and the topic is on product launches in the Internet Marketing industry. It is a very interesting topic and there certainly remains plenty of room for improvement among both large and small marketers in our niche.

For all of the finger pointing and thoughts about Internet marketing tactics, I would like to propose a simple little test to guide all marketers on how to serve their customers and a basis for their customers to evaluate marketers and launches.

Marketers: First Examine Your Motives

1. Do your motives originate from truth?

2. Do your motives foster fairness for everyone concerned?

3. Do your motives build value for your customers and associates?

Marketers: Second Examine Your Actions

1. Will your actions support a worthy long-term objectives?

2. Will your actions be responsible for harming another person?

3. Will your actions deliver value for your marketplace?

I have spent thousands of dollars over the years on my online education. I have purchased $7 reports and $2,000 courses and I can tell you that I have gotten considerable value from 95% of everything I have received. I have purchased from unknown marketers and gurus like Yanick Silver, Frank Kern, Russell Brunson, Eben Pagan, Mike Filsaime, Perry Belcher, and Ryan  Deiss. Again, I have received considerable vaule from 95% of these products.

So what is the secret?

I have added myself to the equation! Which is to say that I have actually unpackaged (or downloaded) and studied the material, I have tested and split-tested the recommendations. I have discarded what did not work for me and taken massive action on the strategies, tactics and advice that have yielded results. I have taken a long-term view on my business, not looking for overnight riches, but rather leaning skills and concepts to build a sustainable online business.

I write this post not to defend the “Guru Marketer,” there is plenty to criticize in the make money niche to be sure. But I will say that I think painting the most successful Internet marketers with a broad brush of conspiracy and shame is too easy to do and too often done without supporting facts. In the end this doesn’t serve anyone – especially the newbie online seeker for whom it is presumed to forewarn.

I would love to hear you personal experiences when dealing with Internet marketers and their product launches. I would like to know if you have been able to advance your goals as a result of your direct personal experience. Please be sure to post a comment below and thank you for making time to read my blog.

I am here to help you succeed!

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P.S. I have made it a policy to participate only in launched that meet my published criteria which can be read here:

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  • Jesse

    Couldn’t Agree with you more James…

    I have found extreme value in the marketer’s you mentioned in your post as well as falling victim to some of the stuff on the market…

    Keep posting the killer content friend…


  • JamesHolmes

    Hello Jesse –

    Thank you for your comments. I would to see your list of other marketers that have impacted your business. Be sure to stop by again and I am glad you enjoyed the post.