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IBO Tool Box Review of a Free Suite of Marketing Tools

What is IBO ToolBox and is it Worth Joining?

IBO Toolbox mission is to provide high quality “free” platform for business owners to establish an even playing field when marketing online. The tools and social branding resources are completely free and the membership is growing rapidly. The objective of IBO Toolbox is to provide a platform for IBOs (Independent Business Owners) who are interested in streamlining their businesses online.

The tool-set includes the following:

1. Advertising Platform drawing in more than 60,000 targeted visitors daily through a targeted advertising medium.

2. Lead Generation tools including squeeze pages, wall plates, social profiles, and many more all managed utilizing the integrated contact manager.

3. Contact Manager which is feature rich including email capabilities, history, notes, and support opt in forms, custom fields and unlimited leads.

4. Media Sharing through the IBO Social profile to easily share your critical contact data, social graph and more.

5. Sales Team growth through interaction and networking with other IBO Toolbox and IBO Social members.

6. Blog Publishing using a pre-formated system that is easy to use and leveraged through syndication.

7. Events Scheduling through the scheduling tool integrated in the dashboard.

8. Live Chat through the “Live Chat” system included on the IBO Social profiles of all members.

9. Business Social Network where you can promote your brand and build your social graph as part of the IBO community.

IBO Toolbox is free to join and will never have a upgrade or monthly membership charge according to Paul Williams owner of the site. I am not sure what the business model is as this was an expensive site to construct and operate. It will be interesting to see how the site evolves and how the members use it’s resources. I love everything I see so far and I intend to deploy the resources and give them all a thorough workout.

 Watch This Webinar Replay Featuring Founder Paul Williams

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Grab A Free Account at IBO Toolbox

So far I love everything I see on this site and having a free platform where marketers who may otherwise struggle to secure the appropriate resources can secure them for free is fantastic. I do want to make one important point consistent with my past advice on auto-responders and client management systems. The establishment and maintenance of your subscriber list is the single most important asset you can maintain. I do not recommend using a free auto-responder of any type… I have heard too many horror stories about service that add future pricing, provide poor customer service, or have closed altogether without notice.

I recommend joining IBO Toolbox today and setting up your complete profile. Be sure to carefully review the site and take advantage of all the resources available to you and leverage the distribution of your content. Engage with the IBO Social Community and grow your network and make new friends.

I look forward to reading your questions and comments and thank you for reading my blog.

Have a blessed day!

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P.S. Here is the link again to grab a free account at IBO Toolbox

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  • Roger

    I love using IBO Toolbox. I can’t believe how much it has excelled me in my business. I encourage everyone to use it and it’s mandatory for everyone on my team.
    Keep it up