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I Just Purchased This for $1 and You should Too

Russell Brunson launches Dot Com Secrets X and I bought it today!

My first ‘virtual mentor’ in Internet Marketing was Russell Brunson the creator of Dot Com Secrets and one of the most respected online marketers in the industry… that was in 2008. I purchased courses and a monthly subscription eventually investing more than one-thousands dollars because the information was that good. There is no doubt that Russell shortened my learning curve by years and I have gone on to buy other products over the past four years.

Over the past year Russell and his team have completely overhauled their business to address dramatic changes in the Internet Marketing niche in order to provide their customers with the best possible mentor-ship, training, resources and tools to ensure success. One outcome of this effort is Dot Com Secrets X which launched on Monday and is phenomenal… buying this program based on a $1 thirty day trial was a no brainer.

I often review products and make recommendations to my readers, but it is more rare when I simply say “you should buy this.” which is what I am advising you to do here.

Although I have a high level of trust in Russell Brunson, I wanted to wait until I bought the program logged into the members area and went through the entire site with a fine tooth comb before recommending you join. Why? Because so much has changed I wanted to be 100% certain I wanted to recommend this membership site.

The beauty with the way this site is being launched is the $1 thirty day trail allowing you to fully access the sites and resources and make money first prior to committing to the full monthly subscription.

Take a look at this amazing trial membership here: Dot Com Secrets X 

My strong advice is to join with the thirty day trial and view the trial period as a thirty challenge and set a goal to make a few hundred or a couple of thousand dollars before your trail period ends. Based on what is provided to you as a member and the free traffic and swipe ads that are given to you in the system you would have to be mildly crazy not to take a close look inside.

Here is a small piece of what you get in exchange for a dollar:

1.) Access to your 30 day challenge $1 trial membership with full access and use of the entire Dot Com Sectrets X membership site.

2.) Russell Brunson live training every month through his members only sketch cast streamed live.

3.) Russell Brunson will provide specific step by step training accessed through the video archive exclusive to Dot Com Secrets X members. You will learn how to create online success in the first 30 days and the training will continue monthly as the value continues to grow.

4.) Digital access to the extremely popular ‘Dot Com Secrets Magazine‘ (the first subscription I purchased from Russell in 2008), you will get a new digital issue every month in addition to access to the past 5 years of archives.

5.) Access to ‘Marketing Illuminati‘ a complete $97 per month membership site that you will get for free… look at the Marketing Illuminati here.

6.) Access to thirty day traffic coaching including two secret traffic sources that will drive fast, low cost or cheap traffic. You will learn about 80+ traffic sources and free ads.

7.) Free advertising featuring more than 20 advertising and traffic websites to ensure you get thousands of clicks every month to your offers and covert sales to make massive commissions.

I have personally become a student and joined the 30 day challenge myself. I have been trained by Russell Brunson in the past, so I know the knowledge and value he shares. I want to invite you to join me by grabbing your $1 trail membership and taking action starting today.

Once you have signed up post a comment here and send an email to me at: or Skype at: jamesholmesonline … I will share a few special bonuses of my own and schedule a one on one conversation with you to ensure you get started quickly.

To get all the details and sign up go here: Dot Com Secrets X

I am here to help you succeed and one of my greatest joys is sharing what is working now in my business. Please feel free to post a comment below and let me know how I can help you on your journey.

Have a blessed day!

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