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How to Make Your Blog a Magnet for Inbound Links

Get Inbound Links

Get Inbound Links

Throughout my entrepreneurial career, I have yet to out spend my income when investing in professional and personal development. I have found that investing in my continuing education and dedicating myself to lifelong learning has always grown my business and therefore my income. When I made the decision to work online, I determined that I would learn from the very best mentors and verified gurus I could find and share what I learned with others. I have made this my daily practice coupled with my personal experiences to help other create successes of their own.

I want to share a lesson from Don Crowther, a faculty member at Stomper Net. I have purchased training and been a member of the Stomper Net community since 2008, I continue to benefited to the quality of their programs. I pulled out my notes as I am focusing on inbound links as I continue to evolve my blog and decided to share ten specific strategies detailed in this lesson on my podcast today. You can access a mp3 download or listen to a streaming replay on the Internet Business Blueprint show page.

The creation of quality incoming links is a key component to attracting traffic and bringing authority to your blog. If you are looking for a clever new way to trick the search engines this will not be the post for you; however, if you are looking for an actionable blueprint that will result in thousands of quality inbound links, you should keep reading this post.

The foundation for attracting quality inbound links is your content itself, be sure to develop content that is worthy of being linked to by others. The research done at Stomper Net has shown that certain types of content generates links naturally. I have found that posting topics that address two basic needs provide the most traction. The first is “how to” content and the second is a solution to a problem your market trying to solve, for example “how to get more traffic and increase conversions?”

Here is a list of ten content categories that will transform your blog into a link magnet.

1. Product or Service Reviews: If you love helping people, posting product and service reviews is a great way to share with others what is working in your business. I post a large number of reviews on my blog and I am always eager to share with my readers resources that are allowing me to grow my business with advice on how to take immediate action.

I tend to focus on what is working – on the positive; however, from the perspective of building a readership you might want to be a little creative and also post critical reviews when appropriate as controversy does tend to draw a crowd. I am not suggesting that you create content that seeks to discredit the efforts of others, but constructive advice is always appreciated when done with integrity.

2. Comparison Tables: One sure way to add impact to your blog is by adding graphics such as comparison tables on your post. Readers like visual tools when used to illuminate differences between the products and services being compared, it allows your reader to quickly identify the choice the best fits their objectives with out reading a long text heavy post.

3. Your Blog Voice: Every blog has a voice, some are intended and others are completely:

  1. Controversial – Don’t be afraid to ruffle a few feathers or take a contrary opinion to the masses.
  2. Consistent – Focus on consistency both in your voice and frequency of posting to your blog.
  3. Clever – Be original! If your blog is just a collection of recycled content you will not grow an audience.
  4. Connected – Create a web of links to other authority bloggers in your niche by reading and commenting on their blogs.

4. How to Choose Articles: If you want to grow your readership fast help people understand “how to” do what you know how to do. Once you have attracted a reader to your blog it is critical that you deliver value and make a strong first impression.

5. Top List (top 5,7,10, etc.): We have been conditioned to love list often presented as top 10 list or the best of list and you can deliver tremendous value in your blog and attract endless incoming links to your list. Invest some time to uncover what people are searching for, compile a list of the best solutions and publish that list in your post. This can be a home run for you.

6. Best of the Web List: In recent months I have personally used social book marketing tools like Stumble Upon to bookmark best of the web list more than any other category of content. The possibilities are endless; best blog themes, best Twitter tools, best blog graphics, best hosting services, best email marketing system, etc. popular categories always get re-tweeted and book marked, which can result in a bounty of fresh inbound links for your blog.

7. Product Selection Wizards: Helping your readers walk through a organized series of steps to evaluate the benefits, features, pros or cons of a product, while helping them to arrive at a logical conclusion is a great way to provide valuable content. If you highlight quality products that you have personally used in your business and share your knowledge, you can win the loyal readership in your niche and establish authority.

The elements of a good selection wizard include questions that identify the specific problem solved, opportunity to leverage, technical requirements, desired features. In the end you should be prepared to make a recommendation of one or more options for your reader.

8. Collected Consumer Review: Surveying your readership or subscribers to your list is a great way to bring authority to your blog and encourage inbound links.

9. Case Studies: These can be a powerful way of supporting your conclusions much like testimonials but perceived to be less biased. If you can a little research and identify third party validation through published case studies or document those of your clients you add tremendous credibility to your blog content.

10. Interviews: This is one of my favorite methods for creating quality content and is one of the reasons I podcast on a regular basis. There a number of free and easy to use methods to

Stomper Net recently launched a new membership level designed to make their excellent content and training platform accessible to a larger group of marketers. If you see the need to invest in expanding your knowledge of SEO and have a desire to mastermind with a community of master Internet marketers then the new more modestly priced Stomper Net Membership might be worth your exploration.

There are a bunch of reasons why StomperNet has been able to give people the crazy results we’ve helped others create for their businesses:

  • Our World Class Faculty delivering cutting edge techniques
  • Professional Coaches ensuring members establish and work toward their goals
  • 1400 hours of Focused, Expert Training across every online topic
  • A Community of Brilliant Members happily helping each other
  • The Best Live Events around
  • Ultra-Focused Premium Level Courses

There isn’t one answer or one element that create massive success online. It really comes down to creating an effective system, a blueprint and applying best practice principles with consistency. When you bring all of the elements together, you are on your way to creating an amazing success story of your own. Beyond the system, value can be found within a community of members that invest the time to find the answers to their questions inside of a massive library of training like that offered through Stomper Net and then share what has worked with others.

I invite you to take massive action by putting the concepts of this post into daily practice when developing content for your blog. Invest the time required to develop quality pillar content for your blog and create a daily method of operation for yourself with respect to link building.

I wish for you a blessed journey!


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