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How to Closeout 2011 Strong and Launch 2012 with Momentum

You can make your year in December with a plan and massive action… ready to go?

Historically December has been a great month for me in business both online and throughout a real estate /mortgage banking career that spanned more than 20 years. There are two primary reasons for this; first, I have always used the month of December to access my year and make plans to shore up any shortcomings and secondly, I take massive action because so many people coast through the holidays… so competition is low.

Last week I discussed this in great detail during my ‘Worldprofit Mentor Podcast‘ and provided several tips that will help you closeout 2011 successfully and create momentum in your business allowing you to begin 2012 in a powerful way. I encourage you to invest the next twenty-five minutes listening to the recording and be sure to take notes and create your plan right away.

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As you listen to the recording and take notes, highlight at least one idea or objective you have left undone that you can complete in December, at least one action you can take to ensure 2011 is a success, and one action you can take to create momentum heading into 2012. The time to plan and set goals for 2012 is now… don’t wait until you are already markeitng dates off of your 2012 calendar.

I am here to help you suceed, so feel free to contact me directly if I can help you in setting you plans for the year ahead. My action plan has room for action takers and I would love to see if there are areas of common interest to ensure we both succeed in the New Year.

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Have a blessed day!

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