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Here is a Great Little Word Press Plug In for SEO

I wanted to share the code for a neat little Word Press Plugin that will help with SEO for your blog. As you may know, when you set up your site you have the option to name your site with or without the ‘www’ identifier. So as an example you can say or either way your visitors will arrive at your site. However, this can create an unfavorable result for the search engines.

Tim Linden is the creator of StartXchange which is a manual traffic exchange that he created 9 years ago when he was 15 years young. Tim is a very talented and soft spoken guy who seems to come up with an endless list of great tools to enrich your online experience and create leverage if you are an Internet marketer.

I was reviewing my Google Analytics for this blog a few days ago and found that my data was available under the ‘non-www’ address and non existent when the ‘www’ was entered, which got me thinking. I had heard Tim make a casual reference to this plug in a week or two ago and yesterday was able to get the code from him. So guess what I am doing today?

The plug in uses a 301 Moved Permanently redirect so that the search engines will index your content using the correct variable in your URL.

The download is free and there is nothing to buy, so grab it and use it on all of your sites.

Here is a ZIP file containing the plug in code: Tim Linden Pro www Plugin

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  • Christine McIvor

    Great Find James! I am going to download it right now!

    p.s. Thanks for creating this plugin Tim : )

  • JamesHolmes

    Christine – Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting on my post. When I was introduced to this little plugin I thought many bloggers could benefit from it. I have read many of your post and I am glad that you stopped by and hope to see you back.

    Have a blessed day!


  • JamesHolmes

    Christine – I appreciate you and enjoy the content that you produce. You strike me as a committed leader and I looking forward to having a chance to mastermind with you in 2010… early 2010!