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Gary Vaynerchuk and Guy Kawasaki on Brand Engagement

Love Your Customers First and Your Customers will Reciprocate

I am a HUGE advocate of finding ways to leverage viral marketing and social media to extend your brand and grow your business. By definition, that which is viral is also organic, meaning you shouldn’t over think the process of growing your brand virally.

The engine that powers your viral messages is the value you provide to those who share your message with others causing it to spread online. But you are the spark that ignites the process and for that you simply need to develop the mindset of giving to others first.

In their latest books, Gary Vaynerchuk (Thank You Economy), Guy Kawasaki (Enchantment), and Russell Simmons (Do You) among other thought leaders have stated… the companies and brands that will thrive now and into the future are those that empower people to fulfill their purpose by engaging with a company or brand. The trend is for customers and communities to engage with companies whose brand values include putting people first and creating exceptional experiences in the delivery of their products and services.

In this short video we are treated to rare dual interview from two of the most forward thinking entrepreneurs on the scene today. Gary Vaynerchuk and Guy Kawasaki take turns highlighting the core message of their books.

This Short Video Contains Several Gold Nuggets to Help You Thrive


Gary Vaynerchuk Audio Interview 

 I encourage you to read both Gary and Guy’s books in addition to the book referenced above by Russell Simmons. By being authentic, transparent, and operating with integrity, you will successfully engage your market and a build community of raving fans who will spread your message virally in your market.

I would also love to read your comments on this video. If you have discovered other books on this topic that you feel add value, please feel free to add the authors and titles in your comments  below.

I am here to help you succeed by helping you prepare to launch into 2012 with focus and momentum.

Have a blessed day!

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  • Info

    Viral marketing is definately any marketers dream and a lot of magic-button products and other hyped up products boast their ability to do so.

    Personally I’m a big believer in overdelivering and like Gary and Guy says on the video, it’s about paying it forward, and giving as parents give to their children.

    thankyou for sharing this article, and I’ll be looking forward to more from you.

  • Linda O.

    Hi James,
    I completely agree with you, giving first is the way to go.  When you do this, it builds trust.  One of my favorite books is “The Speed of Trust” by Stephen M.R. Covey.  Building Trust is so important in every aspect of life.  In the business world, it is key to building long-lasting relationships.  I really enjoy reading your thoughts!

    Linda O.