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Free Webinar: New FTC Rules for Internet Marketers

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I have spent time over the past few weeks studying the new FTC Rules that relate to Internet Marketers. I even managed to interview Mr. Kevin Houchin, Esq. the attorney for Internet Marketer Extraordinaire Joel Comm on my podcast a couple of weeks ago.

Listen to the reply here: Internet Business Blueprint Podcast

If you heard the interview you will note that Kevin discussed a free webinar that he and Joel Comm would be hosting to address the primary questions that have arisen from the publication of these rules. In addition, the two have put together a set of tools to help you ensure that your websites, blogs, and sales pages are compliant.

These changes will impact everyone who markets online and specifically addresses income claims, testimonials, affiliate endorsement and actions related to these elements of marketing. One important point to note is that both the owners of companies and their affiliate are liable for the content that appears on their websites, blogs, and sales pages.

For example: “Even 100% TRUTHFUL testimonials and endorsements could result in a Federal case against you for DECEPTIVE advertising.”

Joel Comm and Kevin Houchin are hosting a free Webinar on Monday November 9th from 8-9 PM EST and I would strongly urge you to claim a seat to learn what you need to do to remain complaint.

Here is the link to sign up for the Free Webinar: SITE Compliant FTC Webinar

I would be interested in hearing your thoughts on this topic. The more I have learned about the far reaching impact and responsibility the more I realize that this is an issue that should be taken seriously. I have read blog post from many leading Internet Marketers and ask for your feedback and take on the changes which take effect on December 1, 2009.

Let’s engage in a conversation on this here!

I would love to read your feedback concerning this issue whether you see this as a BIG deal or not of much concern. Post a comment and share your thoughts.

Have a blessed day!


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