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Effective List Building Part 9: Use Pop Ups to Capture Exiting Visitors to Your Site

When used correctly pop-ups are a very effective way to get sign-ups for your mailing list from visitors to your site. A pop-up is a script that allows you to post a form or ad on your website or blog. When a new visitor arrives at your site the web-form or ad pops-up in front of a portion of the screen, this can alternatively be done when the visitor exits your site. I have found that the exist pop-up are less intrusive and better received by most visitors.

The beauty really is in the eye of the beholder when it comes to pop-ups and some view them positively while others find them to me a little annoying. Personally, I do not mind them as long as the information provided adds value. I also prefer to see them on exit – after I have viewed the information that I came to the site to see in the first place.

As with everything I teach, strive first to add value to the end user in this case the visitor to your site. Make an offer that in compelling, such as a unique digital product, subscription to a valuable newsletter, or a personal consultation. If you are trying to promote a specific product or business opportunity, offer something of value free that is relevant to the opportunity that you will eventually be presenting.

Remember that the primary objective of the pop-up should be listing building, not necessarily selling. Your readers will appreciate the value you give, you will then have an opportunity to develop a relationship with your subscriber and convert from prospect to customer or associate.

These scripts are considered to be stealth or viral methods of marketing and they are very effective. There is one challenge that can make it a little tricky to reach all of your visitors due to “pop-up blocker” that are a preference setting in most web browsers such as Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome and others. There is little you can do about that, however, more advanced marketers can use “DHTML coded pop-ups” which cannot be blocked. I wouldn’t recommend this as it is a forced action against the wishes of your visitors.

There is a problem with traditional pop-ups you should be aware of as many people these days have pop-up blockers on their PCs. These are free and easily installed, so you have to make a little effort if you want to get around pop-up blockers, but it’s worth it for the boost to your list building.

Adding pop-ups to your sites is a very easy process and the task can be completed a variety of ways, you can use your autoresponder’s pre-loaded form maker to obtain the form code, you can use a web-based hosting service, or you can use the next generation po-up known as the Magic List Builder.

The Magic List Builder is unique in the marketplace as it allows you to place a pop-up on ANY website you chose. Here is an example of a few sites that I placed my personal opt-in form on. These are BIG, highly trafficed sites.

1.) CNN

2.) Oprah

3.) Mashable

I placed my personal opt-in offer using the Magic List Builder with just the click of a few buttons. What makes this particular tool so unique is your ability to place your pop-up on any site and do so without being blocked. From a marketing perspective you can place your pop-up on every site that you post on a social network or tweet. That is powerful!

Here is a check list for effectively using pop-ups on your sites:

  • Offer an item of extreme value such as a free e-book or special report in exchange for their email addresses.
  • Be sure that your pop-up has a clearly marked close option. Do not offend your visitors by forcing them to sign up to your mailing list in order to close the pop-up.
  • Leverage your keywords in your pop-up headline.
  • You will want your pop-up to load right away (or you can program it deliberately to fade in), so use limited or few graphics.
  • If you use these techniques, your pop-ups should be catchy and compelling and that should ensure that they help your list building efforts.

When done correctly, pop-ups can add a great deal of impact to your list building efforts. By following my advice here, you will be able to add tremendous value to your visitors and grow your subscriber list.

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