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Internet Business Blueprint - Internet Marketing, Viral List Building, Social Media Mastery

Do You Sweeva?

SWEEVA is a free social marketing site that allows you to bid for page views and browse the websites of other members of the community to earn credits for additional exposure of your websites by the larger community of members.

Check it out here: SWEEVA

Sweeva has been developed by Jon Olson and Tim Linden – yes the gurus of free and low cost marketing methods that work!

There is an advantage to joining today, which will be explained when you go and check out their site. This is going to launch big and be around for years to come, just like their other marketing websites.

This is a TOTALLY NEW MARKETING concept that integrates SOCIAL MEDIA into a community of members who cooperate to browse member websites and engage with the members of our community.

If a visitor likes your website or is interested in your offer, they can connect with you directly and ask questions or have YOU walk them through your sign-up process.

Grab Your Free Account here: SWEEVA

After you sign up send me an email ( and I have a couple of gifts to help you brand yourself and build your list on Sweeva. I will send those to you right away!

Feel free to connect with me if I can help you in any way and be sure to say hello within the Sweeva Community!

This is a bit of a game changer in the advertising and marketing exchange niche and you can use this site in a very powerful way.

I am here to help you succeed. Have a blessed day!

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  • jeff

    Hey James…just upgraded in Sweeva but not having very much luck converting. Any tips on how to be more successful with Sweeva?