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The Association of Network Marketing Professionals: News and Interviews

The Association of Network Marketing Professionals (the ANMP) is a membership association in support of distributors in the network marketing profession. Today Peter Mingils (outgoing ANMP President), and ANMP President Garrett McGrath, Rod Cook (MLM Watch Dog), Marcie Cook, Sandi Cohen, among others joined Tom Chenault on the #1 network marketing radio show today to discuss what is new with the association. (To read the complete post and listen to a recording of the interview click on the title link above)

How to Find the Best Internet Marketing Resources

I was interviewed by Elysse Curry author of “How to Get the Real Deal Without Getting a Raw Deal.” I was her inaugural guest for the “Spotlight on Business Professionals” podcast. we discussed a wide range range of topics on how to achieve Internet marketing success. I recently received some nice comments regarding the interview and the content we provided. I thought it might be of interest to my readers and I hope you take away at least one great idea that will become actionable in your business today.

Perry Belcher R.I.P.

Perry Belcher effectively retired from Internet marketing in 2009, yet that which he and Ryan Diess created during their collaboration has continued to impact marketers around the world. I have spent much of the past few weeks evaluating what worked in my business in 2010 and what needs more of my attention. In addition to completing the standard analysis, where did my traffic come, what is the profile of the customers I attracted, which marketing efforts provided the best results, etc., I also looked at a few intangibles.

I looked back to see what training programs I was able to gain the most value from and which provided me with actionable content that resulted in moving my business forward. I was actually a little surprised by how much I gained from re-listening to “Automatic Daily Income” and “Getting Money From Google,” I purchased both of these courses a longtime ago and found them worth coming back to again and again.

I also gained alot from my personal interactions with Perry Belcher – I interviewed him for my Internet Business Blueprint podcast on the eve of his final product launch with Ryan Diess in 2009. During the lead up to that program, I had a couple of great telephone conversations with Perry from which I gleaned several golden nuggets on marketing and social media. The lessons from those conversations contained principles that I still teach today.

Here is a Recording of the “Perry Belcher Unplugged” Interview

Expert Interview: Mike Purvis Internet Innovator and Viral Marketer (Rescheduled)

Mike Purvis has been among the most active and successful innovators of Internet advertising and membership websites for Internet marketers since the launch of his first site the very popular “The List Auction,” which I still use every week to build my subscriber list and convert sales in my business. I have long admired Mike for the quality of his sites and the value he brings to the marketplace – I am a member of all of his sites and leverage them into profits every month.

On Monday January 17th I will interview Mike Purvis live on the Internet Business Blueprint podcast for a full hour and we will uncover many of his online secrets, better understand how to maximize results with downline builders, increase clicks in viral marketing sites, and gain insight into “The Traffic Button” his new site that actually is not available to the public until Monday at Noon EST.

You will have a rare opportunity to hear from one of the most innovative Internet website developers and successful marketers online.

William Brant Interviews James Holmes for Affiliate Funnel Members Training

James Holmes, Internet Marketer, Blogger, Podcaster, Worldprofit Mentor, and owner of S.W.A.T. Traffic Exchange is interviewed for Affiliate Funnel.

I recently had the opportunity to sit down for an extensive interview with William Brant, the author of “13 Deadly List Building Tragedies” and “13 Deadly TE Tragedies” – both are excellent viral e-books that I definitely recommend (Tip: William offer a free membership and download by following links).

In addition to creating his own products, William also provides training for affiliate marketers at Affiliate Funnel. I am used to interviewing others for my podcast but this time the tables where turned as I was the one being interviewed. I really enjoyed Williams questions and I wanted to share the interview here.

Podcast Episode 138: Skyrocket Your Brand with a Premium WordPress Blog

Join me on Wednesday November 3rd for an action oriented interview with Bradley Will, CEO of The Free Blog Factory on the Internet Business Blueprint Podcast. During this informative interview you will learn how to skyrocket your brand with a premium Wordpress blog. This podcast will provide a “sneak peak” into a portion of the content that will be shared during a Special Webinar to be held Thursday evening.

During the podcast and more extensively during the webinar you will learn the following:

• How To Get a FREE Self-Hosted Premium WordPress Blog
• Why a Blog Can Go Far Beyond Just Making You Money
• The 5 Key Components In Creating A Successful Blog
• How To Leverage Experts To Piggyback Your Way To Success
• Why 79% of Web Users Avoid Your Blog & How To Draw Them In

Podcast Episode 135: Dr. Jeffrey Lant on the Subject of Cyber-Bullying

Dr. Jeffrey Lant, CEO of Worldprofit back to the Internet Business Blueprint Podcast for a discussion on a very serious topic which is dominating much of the news of today – cyber-bullying.

The subject of cyber-bullying is the focus of many national broadcast news stories and featured on the front pages of newspapers across the country as a result of the most recent and chilling example represented by the death of Tyler Clementi, an eighteen year old freshman at Rutgers University.

Bullying is not limited to childhood perpetrators as it exist on the Internet and is often focused at the people, businesses and brands that make up the business side of the online world. You have seen this played out many times and we are going to delve into this topic in depth and invite your participation in the program.

The Internet Business Blueprint Podcast is dedicated to internet marketers and home based business professionals in network marketing, affiliate marketing, and direct selling. I provide coaching, resources and tools to help you build your business by growing your list, adding value, evolving your tribe, and earning daily revenue through your marketing funnel.

Traffic Exchange Owners Live on the Internet Business Blueprint Podcast

Have you ever wanted to get behind the curtain meet the men and women who own and operate the most popular traffic exchanges on the Internet. For the first time ever many of the leading owners are gathering for series of podcast interviews where you will hear their personal stories, learn about their exchanges and benefit from their advice on how to maximize your use of traffic exchanges.

In total there will be 10 interviews conducted over 5 days for a total of 10 hours of amazing content and actionable advice to help you launch your traffic and list building strategy.

Go Here to sign up for a free virtual ticket and daily gifts from members of the TE Community:

Here is the line up!

Podcast Episode #121: Rob Hannley, CEO Primo Vacations Club

I invite you to join me for a very special interview with Mr. Rob Hannley, CEO of Primo Vacations. We will discuss Primo Vacations Club’s unique business model, sales system and personal business assistant support network. Have you ever wished you could travel the world and help other travel while you make a full-time living? That is the exact opportunity Rob is making available to people everyday.

In addition to exploring Primo Vacations, we will also have a broader discussion of the Internet, the economy and the opportunity that exist to create an entirely new level of life abundance through online marketing. This is a big subject and we will cover it in detail.

What is Primo Vacations Club?

Podcast Episode #112: How To Find The Real Deal without Getting A Raw Deal with Elysse Curry

How to you find the real deal when looking for a home based business? Simple enough question but the answers may surprise you – then again maybe not. Join me on Monday August 16th for a very special podcast interview with Elysse Curry author Of “How To Find The Real Deal without Getting A Raw Deal” a guide for busy women who want to work from home.

Elysse Curry is the founder and CEO of Curry communications, coaching women om personal leadership development. A successful conventional business owner, Elysse built a six figure MLM business in additional to running her other businesses. Elysse is the recipient of the 2003 Business Woman of the Year Award and the 2008 Women in Leadership National Award.

During this fast paced interview, we are going to demystify the process of valuating home business opportunities and provide you with a fail safe process empowering you to cut through the hype, misinformation and fraud that unfortunately exists in many companies in the home business niche.

As a bonus, we will explore the top ten reasons home-based businesses fail and how to avoid making the same mistakes. What you learn on the podcast today will serve you for the rest of your home business career and provide you with a process to evaluate and recognize the good opportunities and those that you should avoid.

We also are pleased to announce Elysse will be launching her new podcast this week and I am honored to be her first guest. More details to come in a follow up post. Please be sure to join us for both podcast.