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Internet Business Blueprint - Internet Marketing, Viral List Building, Social Media Mastery

Brad Webb and State of the Art Mailer at the Traffic Exchange Summit

We began the second week of the 2012 Traffic Exchange Summit, which is live online web-conference series that will feature 20 advertising exchange site owners over a ten day period of time. My guest was Brad Webb co-owner of State of the Art Sites including State of the Art Mailer, Buckets of Banners, and My List Frog.

In this session Brad and I explored a variety of issues that impact membership site owners in the advertising exchange industry. When this interview ended I knew we had achieved something that would bring value to anyone interested in created a successful online business. Through the telling of Brad’s story and exploring ideas we uncovered golden nuggets which are immediately actionable. (To read the complete article and watch this powerful video simply click on the title link above)

Changes at S.W.A.T. Traffic: Spreecast Launch and Prizes!

We mixed things up a little bit last night by testing Spreecast a new web-conferencing platform with several exciting features. By all accounts and only a couple of snags the consensus is that the test was a success. I was encouraged enough to committing to using Spreecast as our platform for the foreseeable future.

The following video is a recording of last nights meeting and includes an overtime open session with James Dias owner of Internet Traffic 24/7 and Dwight Wallace owner of Traffic Jam Pro… both are traffic exchanges that I endorse. (To watch the video click on the title link above)

George Kosch Training and Recommendations for Advertising with Traffic Exchanges

The following video is from the June 01, 2012 live training session with George Kosch, Chief Technology Officer at Worldprofit, which are held every Friday for Silver and Platinum Members. On this day the topic was traffic exchanges which included an over the shoulder overview of two great exchanges… Tezak Traffic Power and S.W.A.T. Traffic Exchange. (To watch the video please click on the title link about to be redirected to my blog)

Jospeh and Abra Riley a Transformational Legacy

Joseph and Abra Riley own Forever Concepts traffic exchange and are based in Sidney, Australia. They embarked on a trip of a lifetime visiting the United States to renew their wedding vows, visit a elderly relative, and meet many of their fellow traffic exchange owners across the Western United States.

During the trip Joseph became gravely ill as he had survived with one lung and continued to battle lung cancer. During their trip Joseph’s functioning lung collapsed and he passed away on October 12th while in a California hospital.

As a result of the extensive medical bills and inability to return home, Abra has been desperately trying to gain possession of Joseph body and make logistical arrangements to return home. In addition to several customs issues their is a $10,000 mortuary obligation that needs to be satisfied. There are no resources available to Mrs. Riley and therefore she has been in affect stranded. (Please click the title link to read the full story)

Robert Puddy’s Hidden Traffic Formula Video Course Review

As mentioned in a previous post, I recently became aware of a phenomenal no non-sense traffic training course by Internet Marketer Robert Puddy, the course is titled “Hidden Traffic Formula” and it is an 7 part series complete with 5 downloadable manuals. The home study course has been completely sold out, but you can still access 100% of the content in digital format and instant download.

I am sharing this site as a valuable resource for anyone who would like to learn how to use one of the best free or low cost methods of advertising online. Robert has a very straight forward approach to teaching and he is considered by may successful marketer to be “the mentors, mentor.” In this video series you will learn the mindset, hidden resources, and exact tactics used by Robert, other top marketers, and me – to create unstoppable traffic.

Traffic Exchange Mastery 10 Action Steps to Success

Yesterday I had the pleasure to conduct a guest training at Janet and Don Legere’s Saturday web-conference. I always welcome any opportunity to work with Janet Legere because she is a true professional with a passion to help her followers build sustainable businesses. If I can contribute to her mission in some small way… count me in!

To make it even better the topic of our training was “how to master traffic exchanges” and we had a group of 55 dedicated home-based business owners and Internet marketers who decided to invest their time and join us. It was a tremendous hour long session and I appreciate all of the great feedback that I have read n the blogs and I am glad that Janet and I were able to provide value to the attendees.

Hits Viral by Robert Puddy a Full Review

I am inviting you to an exclusive Webinar Event featuring Robert Puddy who has launched a new advertising exchange called “Hits Viral”. The Webinar is free for everyone who joins Hits Viral from the link in this post and you will also receive several bonuses for instant download! Take a look at the site and watch the brief introductory video to discover if the site will help you grow your business.

Here is The Link:

Hits Viral is a brand new advertising exchange with a twist… it leverages your personal branding and maximizes web-page views as you team up with other members through the website. The concept is simple but produces powerful results! The site is built for network marketers and traffic exchange users resulting in the perfect viral vehicle to promote your websites and sales pages while building a team across multiple programs.

Here is an Audio Review of the Site: (CLICK on the Title Link to Read the Full Article and Access the Recording)

Cyber Bullying Exist in the Traffic Exchange World

The pot had been boiling for months you know the story school yard bully throwing stones and tossing insults to other kids on the playground that is the web. Let me be clear, all of the players in this little dust-up are people I consider friends so with that said… what boiled to the surface has been in the soup for a while and many in the room know it even if they would never say it.

If you run a little Google search of my comments posted to many traffic exchange related blogs you will discover that I am an advocate of letting people run their own businesses and furthermore recognizing that there are many ways to do so successfully. Social Surfing vs Old school surfing, social sites vs non-social sites, owner provided customer support vs Staff provided customer support, LFMTE vs Non-LFMTE… nanner, nanner, nanner… how about try to make a few pennies a day vs why not a few hundred, building a chat presence vs building a list, and it goes on and on and on and on! The truth is that there are many examples of successful sites and online business owners representative of each of these models and many more.

The truth is there has been a fair amount of “bullying” going on in conference rooms and on blogs over the past few months and the people being kicked around have many successes to their credit, they are proven leaders have have thousands of customers and followers. This post is not written to plead their case, feel sorry for them, or start picking sides… it’s not my style. I am merely an observer like most of you with an opinion that I am not afraid to express.

Sooner or later every bully get’s exposed on the play ground it like an unwritten law of the universe. When it happens you recognize it immediately, like that famous scene from the movie “A Christmas Story” when Ralphie finally decides he has had enough. There is allot of sensitivity to school yard bullying these days so I hope you can appreciate my humor in sharing this video clip before I share my point.

Go ahead and press play… you know you can’t resist (CLICK on the Title Link above to watch the video and read the entire post)

Targeted Viral Traffic Surf Promotion

I am partnering with Matthew Graves, owner of Web Biz Insider, Top Tier Traffic, Splash Page Surfer to present a week long surf promotion with my Boot Scootin’ Traffic for the week of August 15th through Sunday August 21th. From Matthew Graves Splash Page

Surfer News: “Each day this week, one of our exchanges will be joining with Boot Scootin’ Traffic in a great surf contest and this week we are offering a special prize every day. Surf at least 150 pages at SplashPageSurfer and Boot Scootin’ Traffic today for your entry into the drawing. Each exchange is awarding a One Month Premium Upgrade, 5 Winners of 1,000 Credits and 5 Winners of 10,000 Text Ad Credits. Get surfing at both exchanges!”

This is going to be a fun promotion and you can get tons of targeted traffic and win great prizes. If you are not a member at our exchanges, join by clicking on the links below and get involved in the fun!

Here are the participating exchanges and the links to join:

List Surfing Re-Opens as the Ultimate Social Exchange

Darren Olander and Matt Koshko have re-opened their popular ListSurfing advertising exchange and mailer to both existing and new members. The new site has been completely integrated with an emphasis on Social Interactions and branding for the members throughout the site. What really sets List Surfing apart from the other social exchanges is the focus on the member and the members brand.

Here are a few of the social interaction features:
•Your Full Social Profile with Links to Your Social Profiles
•Highlighted Member Activity on the Site
•Site Feedback in the Surf
•Live Chat in the Surf
•Your Own Opt-In Box to Build Your List
•Social Integration in the Unique Mailing Feature
•Activity Rewards for Remaining Active

Other Key Features Include:
•Thumb Views to Select the Next Site You Want to See
•Unique Mailer Features (Doubling Your Leverage)
•Earn Mailing Credits While You Surf!
•Rewards for Remaining Active on the Site
•Featured Ad Section for Your Ad Rotator
•All New Professional Design and Navigation

I am very excited about the changes that Darren and Matt have made to what had already been a very unique exchange. I recommend joining List Surfing and taking advantage of the special offers for upgraded membership and advertising packages. The new design and site navigation will have broad appeal to both experienced exchange surfers as well as marketers who are new to the surf exchange environment. Having built-in mailing features makes this site a true value allowing you to double your results and leverage reaching a much broader audience with your promotions.

In celebration of this re-opening, I am going to be providing a special bonus package to everyone who joins using the link in this post. As you may know, I own two popular exchanges both S.W.A.T. Traffic and Boot Scootin’ Traffic are included in the bonuses along with two other bonuses for you.