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Internet Marketing, Viral List Building, Social Media Mastery

Internet Business Blueprint - Internet Marketing, Viral List Building, Social Media Mastery

List Building Mastery: Give Yourself A Raise Anytime You Want One

If you earn $51,413 a year (the median income in the USA) and obtain a 5% annual raise your increase breaks down to $214.22 per month in additional income. Most people would be thrilled with this outcome and consider this increase meaningful income. Once you have mastered list building, you will be able to give yourself a raise at will in both small and large amounts daily.

Building a responsive email list is just like mining for diamonds and once you have done the work, broken through and secured your jewels you can enjoy the rewards for years to come and greatly enrich your life.

Last Saturday evening, I was spending a little time cleaning up my in box and checking the status of my affiliate promotions. I noted that I was nicely placed in second position for the JV Affiliate Contest at ‘Super Sonic Traffic’ and with a nice cash prize there for the taking… I wrote a simple email that added value for my list by introducing my list to Gary Calvert’s, new exchange along with a nice bonus. (To read the complete post click on the title link above)

Infusionsoft 2012 “Your Strategic Marketing Blueprint”

If you are an online retailer, affiliate marketer, or affiliate program manager Infusionsoft’s free workshop “Your Strategic Marketing Blueprint.” The topic of the event is finding the solution to jump start your business in 2012 and beyond. I am planning on being there and wanted to invite my Denver based readers to join me live.

Here is the Question

How do you get new leads, turn them into loyal customers and get them to refer you to others? More importantly, how do you do all of that while increasing productivity and saving time?

Infusionsoft has the answer

Join Travis Campbell, Infusion Soft’s Denver-based small business growth expert, for this special free event and learn how to develop a strategic marketing automation plan and how Infusionsoft’s all-in-one solution can power your business to success.

During the event, Travis will:
Show examples of marketing plans from other successful small businesses
Help you create a roadmap for taking your business to the next level using Infusionsoft
Teach you how to automate your business processes for optimal results
Discuss small business trends in Denver you can apply in your own business.
With your strategic marketing engine in place, you’ll be on the road to success for 2012 and beyond. Join me at this special live event.

The Event Details

Date: Friday January 27, 2012

Time: 8:30 to 1:00 PM Mountain Standard Time

Location: Denver Marriott Tech Center 4900 S. Syracuse Street · Denver, Colorado 80237

Cost: Free When You Register Here:

Easy Traffic Guide for Affiates Free Report BHAG Site #7

Easy Traffic Guide for Affiliates Free Report Unlocks Affiliate Income

Have you wondeed how marketers like me and thousands of others earn real money every month selling products and services as an affiliate marketer? Before I discovered the formula I did too and I wanted to create a couple of sites and develop a video course and e-course to help you discover how to make money with affiliate marketing.

I am really excited about the next three sites I will be introducing to you here as they are a grouped in a cluster with emphasis on teaching you how to gain consistent traffic to your websites. The site set-up includes a video squeeze page leading to a quality affiliate traffic free report (and e-course), the second site is a special offer for a 12 part video traffic training course, and finally a Worldpress blog to provide ongoing tools and tips to keep you up to date.

This post will share the first of these sites with you as the Easy Traffic Videos free affiliate traffic report is BHAG site #7 in my 30 sites in 30 days November Big Harry Audacious Goal (BHAG), which has been detailed in prior posts on my blog.

Remember what you have learned from me about creating sales funnels over the past 4 years… sales funnels accomplish many objectives including list building, front end sales, and larger back-end sales. The first step in the Easy Traffic Videos project is launching the video squeeze page and free report offer, which I will detail here for you. Take notes because once you understand how to set-up a proper funnel you can create unlimited sites and cash flow.

Here are the components for phase one of the project which is the video squeeze page:

1.) Domain Name – targeted and keyword rich, especially if it is an aged domain

2.) Site Graphics – these can be custom, private label or re-sell rights

3.) Introduction Video (trailer) – outsource creation or make one free at  Flix Time

4.) High Value Product to Giveaway – Free front-end offer, this can be a PDF, Video, or audio (original, PLR, MRR are fine)

5.) Auto-Responder Sequence (pre-written) – Provide product delivery and ongoing value through your messages

6.) Back-end Product – Deliver a premium front-end free offer, over deliver content through your auto-responder, promote a high value product or service on the back-end

Visit My New Site Here: Free Affiliate Traffic Report

The number one challenge for most online marketers is traffic, which results in too few people to share your offers with and as a result too few sales and very little commission income. My front-end offer helps to solve this problem for you and online marketers in general through my back-end offer which is the ‘Easy Traffic Videos Course’ and an exclusive set of bonuses that you will read about when I review site BHAG site # 8 to follow.

Remember, the key to creating websites that work is giving your subscriber and members extreme value for free and continuing to deliver value for them for as long as they remain on your list. Over time you will develop trust and your subscribers will be open-minded when considering the products and services you share with them in the future. Be patient. a quality list of responsive subscribers is developed over time.

If this project inspires you to create a similar sales funnel with the free offer leading to a back-end sale, I would love to hear about your ideas and how I can assist you. I am here to help you succeed online by creating funnels that provide value for your list so your subscribers succeed… by doing this, your success is guaranteed.

Have a blessed day!

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Be sure to read the details about my November 30 sites in 30 days BHAG here:

Big Harry Audacious Birthday Month!

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New Google Slap for Thin Affiliate Review Sites

I just finshed reading an interesting blog post by AdWords Guru Perry Marshall creator of “The Definitive Guide Google AdWords” an excellent content creator and blogger on the subject of AdWords. I recently heard Perry interviewed on the “Internet Marketing This Week Podcast” where he once again stated his case that affiliate marketing is not a “real” business. I don’t agree with him in terms of making a blanket statement as many affiliate marketers have created “real” businesses which include affiliate marketing within their funnel.

In his blog post “Google Slap for Product Sites,” inspired by an email that Perry received from Dr. Glenn Livingston (included in the post)concerning feedback he has been recieving and apparently test he has conducted that would indicate that Google has cracked down on thin Affiliate product review sites, which do not add value to the readers experience. These sites are light on content and heavy on affilate links. Perry Marshall again states his case and offers a bit of advice for the affiliate marketer.