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Are You Single? Improve Your Dating Success By Knowing Your Emotional Fingerprint

I know what you are thinking… what does dating and your emotional state of being have to do with Internet entrepreneurship, online marketing, or anything else discussed on my blog? The answer is A LOT!

I recently met an enlightened entrepreneur named Woody Woodward who is doing amazing work and helping people breakthrough to extremely high levels of success in their businesses and personal lives through the identification and understanding of their Emotional Fingerprint™. Everyone of us has a unique fingerprint that once known will lead us to a greater understanding of ourselves.

Are-You-Single-1Have you ever wondered why you like certain people and yet others drive you crazy? Or why you fall in love with one person and feel no
connection with someone else? Why does a specific friend become a best friend over others? Why do you get along with some coworkers and with others there is conflict? All of these relationship examples are a result of your Emotional Fingerprint.

Wouldn’t it be valuable to learn how specific traits that create your Emotional Fingerprint have a direct impact on your love life, friendships, family members, business associates, your ability to be happy, and so much more?
The failures and successes in our relationships are determined by how
we validate our Emotional Fingerprint.

Consider the couple who has been married for fifty years or friends who have weathered every storm together. How have they kept their relationship alive when fifty percent of marriages end in divorce and many friendships end as a
result of different viewpoints or misunderstandings?

Our Emotional Fingerprint is created by what makes us feel important.
The word “Important” may be misunderstood by some and it can have
a different meaning for each person. For the purpose of this system,
importance is defined by as having a feeling of significance, purpose,
completeness, joy or feeling on top of the world.

Testimonial by Jack Canfield Author of ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’

Complete You Free Emotional Fingerprint Self-Assessment HERE

Once you complete your free self-assessment you will receive a tremendously insightful report and have a deeper understanding of yourself and how you interact with others. This new knowledge will assist you in both your business and personal life by positively impacting all of your relationships.

Who is Woody Woodward?

Mr. Woodward is founder of the highly respected Emotional Fingerprint™.   Emotional Fingerprint was chosen as one of the leading techniques to be presented to the United Nations to assist them in reaching their millennial goals.  Mr. Woodward is a success strategist who works one-on-one with Hollywood’s elite as well as top business professionals.  He has worked in China, Thailand, Europe, and throughout North America.

Due to the effectiveness of the Emotional Fingerprint he has been called in many times to do interventions with people who suffer from addictions such as eating disorders, gambling, pornography, drugs and alcohol and even suicidal patience.  His business clients have used the principles in the Emotional Fingerprint to increase their profits, establish a better working environment, helped to retain employees and solve customer concerns.

Final Thoughts and My Hope for You

I am here to help you succeed and sharing this amazing resource with you is one way to accomplish this goal. My hope is through the pursuit of lifelong learning and a quest to better know yourself, that you take daily action in alignment with your purpose by embracing your unique gifts and sharing them with others. I would love to hear your feedback, let me know if you think the assessment feels accurate for you by posting a comments below.

Have a blessed day!

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