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Answers Junction Dynamic New Site To Make You An Authority

I have launched two new article sites Answers Junction and My Ezine World each will bring you tons of targeted traffic if you apply yourself and answer the questions that have been submitted by readers of the site. I recommend that you spend 10 minutes every-other day on each site.

Answers Junction is designed to provide web-surfers with authoritative answers to there questions in a variety of niches. I am going to provide you with a brief review of each site and then share a few ideas on how you can benefit from each site.

as I write this post there have been 2383 published answers and many more questions awaiting the expertise of the Internet community – perhaps you! Simply view the menu tabs on the home page, select a sub-catagory that you have specialized knowledge – for example “Internet Business + Traffic Generation” and answer questions that have been posted in that category.

If you have specialized knowledge in a niche that is not currently included on the site please leave a comment here or on the “Contact Us” form on the site and I will research your niche and consider adding it to Answers Junction.

Full access to the site is free and you can use as many articles as you need to maximize your viral marketing efforts.

Here are a few ways to leverage this site and drive traffic:

1. Post YOUR Answers on the posted question and include “deep links” on our comment registration form. This means that you link to a related article within your blog, not just your home page URL. If you have not authored a post that is a perfect match, find something similar and link that post.

2. Copy the question and your answer reply URL and send it out with a Tweet – Twitter is very powerful!

3. Bookmark the posted questions and answers on your favorite social bookmarking sites.

4. Write reviews on your blog on articles that interest you.

5. Record a video by reading the question and answering the question into your webcam and post a link to your answer in the reply.

This site will evolve over time and I would encourage you to check back frequently. Shortly, I will be adding a subscribe via RSS feature so that you will be updated as soon as new questions in need of answers becomes available.

I am here to help you succeed in your business and life!

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Be sure to check out the site:

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