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A Simple Plan to Achieve Success in Life

If you make it to the end of this blog post you will gain knowledge that will show you how to achieve success… if you take immediate action and implement what you learn, you will change your life. Successful people invest in learning and mastermind with other successful people who share common desires.

I. In order to manifest your highest desires in your business you must internalize a clear vision for your business and life

Recognize that if you have a clear vision you can tilt the laws of the universe in your favor and attract the people, circumstances and resources required to manifest your vision for your life .

It is not necessary to know how you will achieve your vision… a great way to validate that you have a “big enough” vision is not knowing how you are going to achieve it.

The best way to retain focus on your vision is to write it down and journal daily based on what you want… never journal or document things you don’t want… focus only on what you want.

II. Your Mindset Trumps Everything Else

1. Because you bring your mindset to every task, encounter, and plan in your business… it is more important than any other factor.

2. Understand the battle between the conscious and sub-conscious mind… learn how each works and which aspect of your thoughts are controlled and your outcomes?

3. Leverage your vision with your mindset.

Here is a question for you; “Are you interested in your business or committed to your business?”

People who are interested in their business will do what is convenient

People who are committed to their business will so what is required


If you have a down-line team duplicating these mindset principles you will create a greater number of enrollments within your team as your team recognizes the value of having a clear vision and respect for the process.

Here are 5 actions you should take to create a clear vision and model the right behavior in your team.

1. Start with a vision of your life and 80 to start with the end in mind. What does your life look like? Who are the people in your life? Where do you live? How do you spend your time? How much money do you have? What causes are you’re participating in or supporting financially?

2. Create a vision board containing your greatest hopes and desires, then write down a clear vision for the next 90 days, one year, and a set of objectives for the next three to five years.

3. Put together a written action plan for accomplishing your objectives and focus on the “type” of people, circumstances and resources you will need to attract. When it comes to people it is critical to surround yourself with people who have what you plan to achieve and who are committed to playing at a high level.

4. Focus every day on the right actions day to day (daily disciplines) that you will need to master to ensure a predictable outcome. Daily disciplines in alignment with your authentic self, character and purpose then acted upon daily build long-term success and happiness in your life.

5. Be accountable to your vision and make course corrections as you move ahead to manifesting your vision. Find a mentor or coach to help you through this process. The correct coach or mentor can help you avoid obstacles and breakthrough to achieve your goals faster than you can achieve on your own.

Answer this question… when opportunities present themselves are you positioned to grow your business?

  • Always scout for potential leaders in your business
  • Expose your business and do not be emotionally tied to the outcome
  • Being consistent in follow up
  • Possessing the posture that ensure them that you know where you are going and that they will succeed with you

IV. Take Action Today

Here is a summary of 5 actions you should take today to change your life.

1. Make a decision that you are going to seek prosperity and that you are willing to take responsibility to respect what you seek to possess.

2. Recognize that you can attract the people, resources and opportunities needed to manifest everything that you desire for your life.

3. Seek out mentors and coaching and learn to model prosperity in your life.

4. Learn to Master Mind in the manner expressed by Benjamin Franklin and Napoleon Hill. Master Mind with others who are committed to a shared vision of prosperity and support one another in a unique way.

5. Give thanks for your blessings daily. A heart of gratitude will produce a mindset of gratitude and you will attract more to be grateful for everyday.

The Time Has Come for You to Decide

There is nothing in what I have shared with you here is about getting rich quick… I am more interested in helping you change your life through the knowledge and wisdom I share. Why? Because when you make life changing decisions backed by action you can get rich for a lifetime.

You can absolutely make fast money online, I love making fast money and teaching others how to do the same; however, true wealth, prosperity, and abundance requires that you learn and grow new skills.

“You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want” ~Zig Ziglar

I am here to help you succeed and I am interested in exploring how I can help you achieve your goals by implementing what I have shared with you today. Please feel free to connect with me and be sure to post your comments below.

Have a blessed day!

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