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President Barak Obama and Social Media: A Lesson for Astute Marketers

The Obama campaign was fascinating to watch; their use of social media and measurable results will be studied by universities and campaign strategist for years to come. I hear a few voices speaking up in denial of the power of social media; I think it will only be a matter of time before the evidence becomes overwhelming and we fully understand who has been left behind.

The key to making social media work is tracking results and being aware of the movement in the marketplace as the cheese is constantly being repositioned among new and evolving platforms. A few years ago it was MySpace, last year FaceBook surged ahead and in 2009 it will likely be Twitter. The good news is that with an appropriate social media strategy a business or cause can benefit tremendously and the good news is that most of the available resources are free to access.

Edelman Research recently published a report sub-titled “The Obama Social Media Tool Kit” that should be read by everyone interested in social media and marketing through social media.

To Download a copy of the report: CLICK HERE

I recommend that you read this 11 page report, create your social media strategy and implement it immediately also be sure to track and measure your results. If you are new to social media please recognize that it takes a little time to develop scale and quality in your relationships; however, if you are patient and consistent your results may astound you.

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