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Thank You to All Who Have Served and Sacrificed for the Cause of Freedom

I wanted to take a moment to pause and say thank you to everyone who in any capacity has served in the United States Military. As an entrepreneur I strive daily to achieve my goals for both financial and time freedom, I recognize that freedom of any type comes at a cost. Further, I recognize that living in a free country as we do in America makes it possible to build businesses and pursue worthy personal goals and for that I am grateful.

Everyone of us are connected by a common history that has often required bravest among us to put on a uniform and fight for the cause of freedom. Those brave enough to answer the call have set aside personal interest and departed from loving families to serve all of us. These brave heroes have earned our love and respect. We owe every one of them individually a debt of enormous gratitude. Thank you! (To Watch the Tribute Video and read the rest of this article, click on the title link above)

Uber Conference is a New School Tele-Conference Service

Uber Conference is a new tele-confrence service that ensures that your attendees will enjoy a dynamic form of audio conference while leveraging social media through integration. This service is just launching and you can grab a spot for their early notification list. Watch the video and click on the link blow to add your email address and join the list.

I conduct weekly ‘web-cast’ because they are far more interactive than traditional ‘tele-conferences’, which force you to sit on the phone and stair at the ceiling. I love the concept shared in this short video and I am eager to give this a try… perhaps tele-conferences are back in vogue.

Beware of the ‘Big Special Deal’ in Network Marketing a Lesson from Eric Worre

It would sound better if I told you that I have made great decisions 100% of the time during my four years in the home-based business industry. But as you know, I am all about keeping things real with you at all times. So, I must confess that I have fallen for the “big deal” twice and I am going to share those stories with you here. Before I do, I want to share a valuable lesson that I learned from my first network marketing mentor Eric Worre.

I entered into network marketing for the first time in 2008 with Agel Enterprises, where I met Eric Worre, Randy Gage, and Randy Schroeder… I know that is quite an impressive field leadership team. Early in my experience I flew to Los Angeles to attend an Agel event hosted by Eric Worre, during his opening comments he made a revealing statement that I remember as if I heard it just yesterday.

So what was the big revelation? Eric said “every time I hear about the ‘big special deal,’ I know that the end is near.”

I heard what was said but I didn’t really accept it as true, so along my journey over the past four years I have been seduced twice by the tempting and all too good to be true ‘opportunity’ and I want to share my experience with you to help you learn from my mistakes. (To read the complete article click on the think link above)

My 2 Year Anniversary as a Member of Worldprofit with Lessons Learned and Recommendations

I joined Worldprofit as a Platinum Member on May 10, 2010 and have enjoyed every day of my journey fully engaging with this community and it’s founders. This morning I was volunteering an hour in Worldprofit’s Live Business Center with Dr. Jeffrey Lant. While having a little fun bantering with Dr. Lant I realized that today is in fact my anniversary date marking my second year at Worldprofit… it has gone by very fast.

Dr. Lant asked me to share with the more than 200 people visiting the site what I had learned on my first two years. As I thought about that question I realized that the answer would take hours to complete, so I opted to share one key principle or topic of lessons learned from each of the three company founders. I thought it would be fitting to share my thoughts with you here in order to share the lessons and perhaps add value to help you grow your business. (To Read the Complete Post Click on the Title Link Above)

One 24 Profits Training: Your Personal Brand… What Flavor is Your Koolaide?

I am a co-founder and faculty member at the Net Learning Academy, which is a free membership website where you can access expert training and resources from a group of full-time Internet marketers. The faculty includes; Robert Puddy, Janet Legere, Kaye Towne, Chris Houg, Rob Gehring, and me. We are committed to helping our members succeed in growing successful businesses.

In the following video I share several ideas to help you develop an online brand and develop a tribe of loyal followers for you and your business. The information shared is actionable, so be sure to grab a notepad and pen for notes and a plan of action. I also have an MP3 audio of this session I can email to you upon request, just send an email to me at (Click on the Title Link above to watch the video)

One 24 Profits Training: Get the Most Out of Viral Marketing Part 1 of 5

Viral marketing is my preferred method of marketing my business for several reasons; it is cost effective (often free), converts with consistency, and grows exponentially over time creating amazing leverage. When done correctly viral marketing can transform your results and add income streams with relative ease.

One key to marketing virally is being respectful to your audience(s) taking care not to abuse this method by spamming or other disrespectful tactics. You want to propel your message across the Internet with the help of your readers by adding content valuable enough to inspire others to share it.

Truly effective viral marketing is leveraged by your audience and doe not depend solely on your personal efforts to spread your message. To be truly effective, viral marketing must include value and inspiration, which results in your content being freely shared in a variety of ways over a long period of time. You must engage others by providing extreme value and solving a problem or helping the reader accomplish their objectives. This will cause your marketing to grow through reviews, social media sharing, social bookmarking, backlinking and more.

Remember that Content is the Key to Successful Marketing

There are a number of reasons to include a viral element to your marketing plans, here are three of my favorite motivations.

#1. Adding Value to Your Marketing: You have read or heard me say previously that entrepreneurs are compensated based on two outcomes… the problems they solve and the value they provide. Although not exclusive to viral marketing, delivering value to your market can be done in a powerful way this method. Adding value can be done a number of ways, you can offer expert advice for free, provide a bonus on the sale of a product or service, reward those who share your content with an item of value among others.

#2. Creating Buzz for Your Business: When it comes to spreading your message creating buzz is both fun and effective as word of mouth marketing. It is our nature as people to share what we like with others and when we do this we often create ‘a buzz’ for the product or service we are sharing. No doubt you have heard the stories of small previously unknown companies which exploded there sales when Oprah Winfrey mentioned them on her show… that is a ‘mega buzz’ and it works!

Perhpas the best part of creating buzz is that it has become relatively easy using social media. The objective is to get people talking aka buzzing about you and your business in a positive way so that others are encouraged to opt-in, buy from you and carry on the conversation by sharing with others.

#3. Social Sharing: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and YouTube depend on viral sharing to grow their membership community. In fact, their entire business model depends on their members adding and sharing content using their personal profiles. The majority of social sharing sites are free to join and you can easily find others that are interested in your specific niche and subject of expertise.

As you can see, viral marketing is a powerful way for you to market free in a meaningful way while building your market preeminence and brand. To make this actionable for you, I have crafted five ‘how to’ articles to help you successfully execute on this strategy.

The following titles will give you an idea of what to expect over the next few days. (To read the complete article click on the title link above)

My First 60 Day Review of Dot Com Secrets

Last month I posted my first 30 day review of Dot Com Secrets X and I am happy to report that my personal results as well income from affiliate sales continues to be strong… I am very impressed with this program. Over the past few weeks I have received email inquires is from individuals interested in joining the program, but a little hesitant without getting personal attention to their questions. I am always glad to help, so just send me an email to:

Today, I wanted to share a message I received over the weekend in order to help anyone who has the same questions as addressed in the email and my reply as follows.

Email from a visitor to this blog-site:

“hi, i would like to sign up for the 30 day trial but i need to know beforehand how much other expenses will i have. i am on a VERY LIMITED budget (i’m unemployed and broke). i see you mentioned paid solo ads, how much will this cost me and is it a must for the first 30 days? i have just enough money for the trial ($1), and joining an autoresponder (about $20), what else must i pay for?

also is it possible to make enough money the first 30 days so i can continue with the membership?”

My reply to my new friend:

Thank you for contacting me regarding Dot Com Secrets X. If you join from my links that follow, I will help you with both coupon codes for the solo ads (so there will be no added expense) and the link for Aweber’s auto-responder service will provide a 30 day trial for $1 for that as well. Therefore, your total 30 day expense will be $2 for everything.

Here are the links:

Join Dot Com Secrets X ($1 Trial):

Join AWeber Auto-Responder ($1 Trial):

Be sure to clear you browser cookies to ensure that you sign-up with the correct links.
After you have joined Dot Com Secrets X, send me an email with a copy of your receipt and I will send you ‘promo codes’ and a list of Solo Ad sites that will provide you will enough mailing credits to make sales to cover future monthly installments to both Dot Com Secrets X and AWeber.

Final thoughts on Dot Com Secrets X and Start-Up Cost

Russell Brunson has done a phenomenal job building a membership site that truly takes you by the hand and step by step teaches you exactly how to make money successfully online using proven traffic that converts to sales with offers that convert. Dot Com Secrets X is not a scam and you can certainly be up and running in your first month with an investment of $2 and a few hours of your time each of your first 4 weeks.

The skills and tactics you will learn during your trial month can be applied to promoting any quality product or service online with similar results. The program is comprehensive, easy to set-up and amazingly effective.

If you would like to take advantage of the same offer I made to the person noted above, simply sign-up and send me an email and I will take care of your immediately.