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Internet Marketers: Do Your Motives and Actions Pass This Test?

It really isn’t that difficult to do the right thing – agreed? I was reading a blog post by my friend Jon Olson on ‘Hit Exchange News’ titled “The Biggest Joke In Internet Marketing” and the topic is on product launches in the Internet Marketing industry. It is a very interesting topic and there certainly remains plenty of room for improvement among both large and small marketers in our niche. For all of the finger pointing and thoughts about Internet marketing tactics, I would like to propose a simple little test to guide all marketers on how to serve their customers and a basis for their customers to evaluate marketers and launches.

Marketers: First Examine Your Motives

1. Do your motives originate from truth?

2. Do your motives foster fairness for everyone concerned?

3. Do your motives build value for your customers and associates?

Marketers: Second Examine Your Actions

1. Will your actions support a worthy long-term objectives?

2. Will your actions be responsible for harming another person?

3. Will your actions deliver value for your marketplace?

Major Design Upgrade for My Blog … Pardon Our Dust!

Welcome to the “Internet Business Blueprint” blog. My Site IS STILL LIVE and all of my CONTENT IS Available, but I am making some major design and navigation changes to the site and while I am working on the site in real time, you will be seeing a very scattered representation of my theme and navigation buttons, etc.

My blog has developed a loyal readership and has an Worldwide Alexa Ranking of 374,384 and US Ranking of 96,898 – our traffic is up 30% in the last 3 months. This is just one measure of audience reach, but it does indicate how the site has grown over the past couple of years. In 2010 I made a few changes to improve the user experience of the site and the feedback and growth suggest that the changes were well received.

For 2011 I am making more significant changes with the intention of enriching the user experience and ease of navigation. In addition to the graphic changes and completely revised navigation, you will discover several valuable resources and links to other sites that will provide you with all of the resources and tools you need to elevate your business to another level.

This process will take a week or so to complete and there will be several small tweaks after the design is fully launched. I am going to complete most of the changes during low traffic periods in order to impact the fewest number of visitors. If you stop by and find that things look a little crazy, you will know what is underway. Please keep in mind that you will still have access to all of the content on the site!

Free Live Weekly Training on How to Use Ad Exchanges

Website Magazine was partially responsible for inspiring a new movement in the traffic exchange industry after their publication on the topic of “Online Advertising Exchanges” in their February 2011 issue of the magazine. In a story written by Peter Prestipino titled “Advertsing Exchanges – The New Digital Ad Marketplace,” Mr. Prestipino explores the upper end advertising exchange model and you do not have to streach too far to see the connection between these platforms and traffic exchanges.

The fact that the premiere US website developers publication could dedicate an entire issue to ad exchanges without mention of traffic exchanges was troubling to more than one exchange owner and this in part inspired the formation of the Traffic Exchange Summit. To read more about the summit please refer to my recent blog post on this topic.

Blog and Audio Interview: What is the Traffic Exchange Summit?

The Traffic Exchange Summit has adopted a mission to educate the broader online advertising and Internet Marketing community about exchanges and the role they play in delivering targeted traffic and measurable conversions for advertisers. The benefits for the marketers who use exchanges to promote their websites and business opportunities also have found them to be extremely cost effective.

It is time to evolve the mission to the next level in terms of outreach and education. I will host the first in a weekly series of live web-conferences deigned to provide instruction on utilizing ad exchanges to build your brand, grow your subscriber list, track and measure your campaigns, and convert impressions into sales.

The Value of Quality Article Directories to SEO

I recently acquired a portfolio of six established website link directories with excellent traffic and authority rankings. I am now in the process of making a few modifications and setting standards for any future links that will be approved to post on these sites. I have gradually emerged in the web-traffic niche of Internet marketing with S.W.A.T. Traffic (manual traffic exchange), S.W.A.T. Prospector (RSS Aggrigator, My Ad Success (text ad exchange), Viral Traffic Revolution (viral advertising and training site), Web Traffic (paid website traffic generator), and now the link directories. So traffic generation and list building remain as the cornerstone to the service side of my business.

The website directory model has been a source of curiosity for me for more than a year now, but before I jumped in and created or acquired a site I wanted to make sure that directories where still relevant in the ever changing world of SEO and Page Rank. So, I did a little homework and I thought it might be interesting to share a few authoritative opinions as I prepare to re-launch my directory network. My objective is to build a network of directories that measure up to a very high standard and actually benefit the sites that are listed.

Here are a few opinions:

Viral Bonuses is a Free Membership Site with Zero Strings Attached!

My friends Darren Olander and Jared Silver have come together to create a really cool new “Free Give Away” site called Viral Bonuses with zero strings attached. No one-time offers, no upsells, no down sales, nothing to buy. The site was designed to provide gifts from many of the leading Internet marketing and online advertising sites with as a free gift to site members.

So, what’s in it for the contributors?

The logical presentation made to the gift contributors was basically this; let us give a gift away featuring your products, services, memberships, etc. If you deliver enough value, a percentage of the people that received your free gift will make future purchases and this will also build your brand. I was convinced personally and I have added bonuses from some of my top programs as well.

What do you get?

All of this gifts have been added to Viral Bonuses and all you have to do is sign up and you have access to the 10 initial bonuses and additional bonuses that will be released on an ongoing basis. The beauty of this is that the gift bag will continue to grow and as new gifts are added, you simply log into your account and access the gift that will benefit you.

The bonuses include memberships, Internet Marketing product downloads, advertising credits to popular sites and more. After you have joined be sure to share your referral link with your friends so that they can also take advantage of this site. Pay it forward!

Fast Track Cash a Website Traffic and Income Solution

I find that most of my time is now spent helping others leverage viral marketing and automation in order to create online income and multiple income streams. Although there is no “easy button” for online success there are a few short-cuts and resources to help make your traffic and income goals attainable. That is what Fast Track Cash is designed to do for you.

One thing you will discover by reading my blog regularly is that I am absolutely driven to squeeze the most out of viral marketing methods and I am constantly looking for new and more powerful ways to leverage free and low cost traffic methods. I am constantly testing the most promising sites and strategies and I only share what I have been able to prove works. I recommend and teach what is working for me and what I believe can be duplicated by you.

Eleven months ago I began using a traffic and automation platform that organizes a large number of resources into one membership site and provides expert training on exactly how to utilize these systems to create online income. We have just released a new credit package offer that I want to share with you today, and recommend that you sign up for a free account, access all of the bonuses instantly, and test them in promoting your own business.

The program is called “Fast Track Cash” and it is free to join and the reason you will want to do that right away is that for a limited time the membership is free and loaded with 6 specific bonuses designed to help you start making money online immediately. I have made a profit every month for 11 straight months and earned my first commission on the third day after I joined the program. If you follow the boot-camp system you will be able to enjoy similar results.

Gary Vaynerchuk Video on The Thank You Economy

Gary Vaynerchuk is a phenomenon and he has a lot to say about the success of your business – are you listening? In this video Gary Vee talks about social media and your prospects for success in the new economy, the thank you economy. This video was recorded by Fora TV on November 5, 2010 at the second annual Innovation Forum at the Morgan Library in New York City.

Watching this video will be the best :10:31 you can spend today because your investment of time will repay you consistently and in many unexpected ways.

Facebook Fan Pages Part Two: Determine Your Facebook Page’s Goals and Purpose

Assuming you read my first post on the topic of Facebook fan pages, you likely have a good idea of why you should establish a fan page for your business. Now that you have decided to take action, we need to explore the “why” behind your fan page by answering a simple question – What do you want to accomplish with your Facebook page?

Yet the answer is more complex than the question. Ultimately you likely want to use your Facebook page to make more money and grow your business. But there are many ways to accomplish that and many directions to take. Perhaps a better question is, “How do you want to use your Facebook page to grow your business?” Do you want to build your brand, grow a list, or network with others in your niche, etc.

Don’t worry, you’re not expected to know the answer right now. However, before you begin creating your fan page it’s important to have a clear direction and measurable objectives.

As mentioned in part one there are several outcome to be accomplished using a Facebook fan page. Here is a summary for recap:

Traffic generation
List building
Selling products/services
Announcements and promotions
Content and added value
Building a community/strengthening relationship
Impact on search engine optimization
Do you need documented evidence that Facebook fan pages work? According to a survey by 4,000 people who “Liked” the top 20 brands with Facebook pages spend an average of $71.84 more each year on that brand’s products or services. There is a loyalty factor and awareness factor that come into play here and the proof is very compelling.

Viral Mail Profits Will Save You Time and Make You Money!

If you read my blog regularly then you already know I am a big fan of safelsit, viral mailers, and downline builders – they help me make money every month. What you may not know is that I often struggle with overwhelm, keeping up with my mailings, organizing my credits, and tracking which sites are converting and which sites are not.

I wanted to share my thoughts on Viral Mail Profits, a powerful membership site developed by Paul Kinder and Troy Wray. This is not a new program, I have been using it and recommending Viral Mail Profits for more than a year now. The next phase of the site launched last week with some major new features that make it an even more powerful tool to help you save time and make more money .

I have found Paul and Troy to be among the most innovative developers of tools and resources and simply stated, Viral Mail Profits is AWESOME!

Here are a few of the key features that have motivated me to strongly endorse this resource. I call this my list of top 5 reasons you should sign up today and start leveraging your time and maximizing the return on your efforts.

#1. Vial Mail Profits Allows You to Organize Your Safelist, Viral Mailers, and Downline Builder Accounts.

#2. Viral Mail Profits Allows You to Manage Your Mailing Schedules – Never Miss Another Mailing!

#3. Viral Mail Profits Allows You to Track Your Credits – Everything is in One Location.

#4. Viral Mail Profits Allows You to Conduct Your Mailing From One Admin Panel – This Saves You Time.

#5. Viral Mail Profits Frees You From the Need to Log Into Multiple Sites Manually – This is Huge!

Join Free Here: Viral Mail Profits Free Offer

What is the Traffic Exchange Summit?

Have you heard of the Traffic Exchange Summit? If you haven’t and assuming you are somehow connected to the traffic exchange industry as an owner, advertiser, or surfer – you soon will. The summit was born out of a desire among a large group of traffic exchange enthusiast to find ways to improve our industry and move traffic exchanges into a position of broader acceptance across the entire Internet marking and online advertising niches.

I wanted to provide you with a complete introduction and invite you to join in this effort. These is a role for anyone who uses traffic exchanges and overtime, I believe that this movement will produce real results for everyone involved and support the industry as a whole.

Here is an interview that was conducted by William Brant for Affiliate Funnel, I was asked to participate as a guest for a recent Affiliate Funnel Training webcast and we focused exclusively on the Traffic Exchange Summit and the funny and random way in which it was started.